Maintaining proper oral hygiene made easy

Maintaining proper oral hygiene

In general, hygiene on its own is a very important thing, however, when it comes to oral hygiene, you need to ensure that you take all the necessary precautions and preventive measures. Not only does this help to ensure that you have a good oral health, in fact it also helps to prevent various kinds of diseases and germs from getting into your system. When it comes to oral health care, there are certain things that you need to always remember. This will also help to ensure that you have a complete oral care routine and get the most effective results. Let us look at the various things that you should follow in order to have a complete oral health routine.

Choosing the right kind of brush

right kind of brush

Considering that there are so many options and types of brushes in the market, it is essential that you should choose a brush which gives you a proper brushing experience. If you decide to opt for the manual brushing, then you need to ensure that you use the right speed and method of brushing. On the other hand, if you opt for electronic ones you can easily reach out to the hard to reach places without having to worry about hurting yourself. You also have special attachments for the molars and wisdom teeth.

Flossing should never be missed


If you want to take care of the plaque built up between your teeth, then there is nothing better than flossing your teeth. This will take care of any food particles stuck between the teeth. It will also help in the prevention of cavities and decay.

Prescription based mouthwash



Although you do have over the counter mouthwash, however, it is always advisable to take the ones that are prescribed. This will help you to improve your hygiene as per the recommendations of a dentist. Occasionally using betadine mouthwash is also a good idea especially if you are prone to gum diseases and other such oral problems.

The rise of toothpaste made from natural ingredients


Considering that people have become more careful about the choices they make for their health products, the same is applicable even for the toothpaste they choose. We all are aware of the fact that there are preservatives and additives that come in most toothpaste; however, you do have a few that are made from natural ingredients. Unlike the ones with preservatives and additives, these toothpaste are a better choice since they are effective and safe. They also help to ensure that the teeth are strong and they take care of everything required for a proper oral hygiene.

Regular dental check-ups


As much as it is important to ensure that you take care of your oral hygiene at home, it is equally important that you get a professional touch once in a while. Frequent trips to the dentist will ensure that your oral hygiene is in place. Apart from that, if there are any concerns of problems with your oral health you can take care of it at the earliest to prevent it from worsening. It is essential that you choose a dentist who not only has the experience but also has the right knowledge of all the latest method and breakthroughs that can ensure that you get the best oral health care service.

Now that you know the necessities of oral hygiene, let us take a look at a few essential tips, which you should follow while you are taking care of your oral health.

The correct way of brushing your teeth


  • When you brush your teeth, you need to ensure that it is done twice a day and not more than that. If you brush teeth more than that, it might wear out your gums.
  • Interdental brushes recommended for largest space in the teeth, while dental floss is more advisable for the smaller spaces.
  • The right kind of pressure is needed while brushing your teeth. It should not be so much that you end up damaging your gums or tooth in any way. And it should not be so soft that it does not have any effect at all.
  • If you choose to use the manual form of brushing teeth, the ideal angle to hold the brush would be at 45 degrees and the brushing should be in a circular motion.

Tips and reasons for daily flossing

bleeding of gums

  • In order to prevent any kind of GK it is imperative that you consider cleaning between your teeth. This is because at least 40% of any gum disease is due to the formation of plaque and food residue that sticks between the teeth.
  • Another reason why flossing is so beneficial is because of the fact that this helps in preventing different kinds of gum diseases. Along with that, directly and indirectly it also helps in the health of your cardiovascular system.
  • People who have many gaps between the teeth need to ensure that they clean them regularly since these gaps are more prone to developing plaque and various other diseases.

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