How to prevent cold from spreading in your family?

prevent cold from spreading in your family

Winter is here and with it the time of the year that makes catching a cold easier. While we all try to stay fit and healthy it is inevitable that once in a while we will catch a cold. But even the most common cases of cold spread very easily. Surely you do not want the rest of your family to be affected by this and fall sick. We are here to help as in this article we will tell you all about how to prevent cold from spreading. Follow these simple instructions and you will be able to protect your family from catching a bad cold and being sick for a while.

Some simple steps that will prevent cold from spreading

  1. Cover your mouth and nose:
    Cover your mouth and nose
    This is a lesson that is imparted from the very childhood. It is taught how the covering of the mouth or the nose during a sneeze or a cough is helpful as the germs are not allowed to spread. Implement this school learnt lesson and see the amazing results. In fact, try to change a slight thing about this and instead of your hands use the elbows to cover the mouth. This ensures that the germs do not get on to your hands which will make it easier to spread.
  2. Disinfect the house as much as possible: We must tell you however that it is not practically possible that you will absolutely disinfect the house. But to protect your family make the effort as much as is possible. There are certain places that the kids access more. Try to disinfect them as far as it is practical. In fact there is a great homemade disinfectant that you can try out. For this mix about 1/4th cup of bleach in around half a gallon of water. You can then spray it on some parts of the house or even take a cloth dipped in it to prevent cold from spreading.
  3. Wash your hands:
    Wash your hands
    This again is a very basic hygiene tip. Your hands must be washed as many times a day as you can. Studies show that to prevent cold from spreading this is the single most important thing that you can do. 80% of all infectious diseases actually find a way to spread through your hands. So wash them thoroughly with soap and water as often as you can. In case water or soap isn’t accessible or you are on the go, you can also use a good quality hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands.
  4. Try to use disposable products: There are certain things which you use during the time period of being sick. Towels or handkerchiefs and sheets are common among them. Try to use disposable variants as far as is practical. When someone is sick a good idea can be to use products which are disposable in nature. Paper products like the paper towels are in fact a great option to have in such times. This ensures that the risk of the disease spreading to others is kept to a bare minimum. Otherwise there is a chance that someone accidentally can use the things being used by the sick person and fall sick.
  5. Take good care of yourself:
    Get Enough sleep
    A good lifestyle is of great help when it comes to protection against cold. For instance, the things like eating healthy or the perfect amount of sleep can boost your immunity. Although not directly, a good immunity would mean that you fall sick much less than usual. Also, if you are sick and you want your family to stay healthy then make sure that they lead the right lifestyle with the right kind of food and the right amount of sleep.
  6. Do not share cups or plates: The germs are easily transferred from careless moments when a healthy member of the family eats from the sick man’s spoon or plate or even a cup. While we do not mean to be rude, it is essential to protect from viral infections that this habit is followed strictly. Even for cups or plates disposable ones can be used for the sick person till the time he or she is healed. This will eliminate any chances of accidentally being exposed to their used cups by others.
  7. Avoid kissing:
    Avoid kissing
    When someone is sick in the family he or she is usually at an emotional low. It is thus natural for you to be compassionate and go for a comforting kiss. But one has to be cautious in this regard because this greatly increases the risk of spreading of the cold. Kissing is one of the easiest mediums of germs passing and if you want to prevent cold from spreading this must be kept in mind at all times.
  8. Get a flu shot every year for the family: Like they say, prevention is better than cure. If you ensure that these shots are regularly taken, then it just ensures a lot more safety for your family even when one member falls sick. So make it a routine for everyone to get a flu shot every year.
  9. Drink a lot of fluids:
    Drink a lot of fluids
    One of the common problems faced when one is sick is that they get dehydrated. There are plenty of fluids you can consume to remain hydrated during the process. Drink a lot of water and hot soups. Apart from keeping you hydrated they will also have a comforting effect on you when cold. Make sure that the other members of the family too are having a lot of fluid intake as that also reflects in your immunities.

Final words

One of our first thoughts when someone is sick in the family is that the damage is to be arrested. No other member should catch the cold. In fact if you follow these simple steps we can assure you that you will be able to protect yourselves from a bad cold or a viral infection. Cheers to healthy living and may your life be hale and hearty.

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