Home remedies that can help with the treatment of gingivitis

Gingivitis or plaque is a very common problem with individuals who do not take care of their oral hygiene. The plaque can build up in their gums due to bacteria, stuck food particles, or even mucus. In this gum disease, you may notice redness or puffiness on gums. Although pain may not occur until gingivitis goes severe, the gums may cause irritation and bleeding.

If you have also detected symptoms of gingivitis through your bad breath and gum redness, then you can still treat it at home before it goes problematic and you need to see a dentist. We give you some home remedies that can be effective to treat plaque:

Use saline solution or paste of salt

Daily Alkalizing with Sodium Bicarbonate

Salt is a great remedy for gingivitis, as it can make the environment hell for bacteria. It also has antiseptic properties to heal your swollen gums. You may simply add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass of lukewarm water to make a saline solution.

Rinse your mouth two to three times daily with saline water. Alternatively, you may make a paste of salt by adding some drops of mustard oil to it. Rub the paste lightly on your gums for a minute or two before washing your mouth. Repeat it two to three times daily to sooth your gums.

Brush with homemade turmeric paste

Turmeric with powder and paste

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to heal your gum condition and reduce bacterial infection. You may make a paste of some turmeric powder by adding a little water to it. Then, take a soft-bristle toothbrush and scoop the paste on it. Brush your teeth twice daily with this paste.

Do oil pulling

coconut cooking oil

This is a highly effective technique to treat gingivitis and maintain your oral health on a regular basis. You should swish a tablespoon of coconut or sesame oil in your mouth. Try to do it for around 15 minutes and then rinse your mouth with warm water. Never swallow the oil, as it carries all unwanted bacteria with it.

Apply aloe vera gel

Medicinal aloevera

You should rub some aloe vera gel on gums with gingivitis. If you later want to wash your mouth, then you have the choice.

Use baking soda

Close-up of baking soda in a glass jar.

You may make a paste of around ¼-teaspoon baking soda with a little warm water and apply to your swollen gums. After a minute or two, rinse your mouth with warm water.Repeating the procedure twice a week can be very effective in treating gingivitis.

Rinse with green tea

woman with a facial mask

Rinsing your mouth with freshly made green tea can also heal the area affected by gingivitis.

Before gingivitis goes severe, it is beneficial to cure it with some home remedies. Applying pastes of ingredients like turmeric or doing oil pulling can give your swollen gums instant relief and right treatment.

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