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Are home remedies for yeast infections possible?

I have been battling some kind of internal problems related to vagina. There have been white and thick discharge from the vagina from time to time. It also pains a lot during sex and becomes almost intolerable. Due to it there have been swelling all over

Is there any pink eye remedies possible from home only?

These days i have been facing lots of difficulties into my eye that has gone pink. Though some people take it as a common infection but it harasses a lot to the people going out for work. I too is facing similar kind of situation here and going out of the

4 Effective home remedies for sinus allergy

Sinus allergy is not an alien term as many suffer from this disorder at some stage of their life, including the children. This is more pronounced among children and youngsters, which also includes the middle aged to some extent. Inflammation of the parana

Home remedies to heal cold and flu

Seasonal cold and flu
are quite irritating and it interrupts your routine. Not all remedies cure cold
and flu; however, there are a few that make you feel better and shorten the
duration of cold and flu. Natural and age-old remedies provide a cure to thes

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