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Health benefits of having Cod liver oil every day

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Cod liver oil

The oil extracted from the liver of the Atlantic cod is cod liver oil. It’s a very good source of vitamin A and D, and omega 3 (DHA and EPA) fatty acids. Research has now revealed that regular consumption of cod liver oil can be beneficial for the entire body. It has been seen to relieve stiff joints caused due to arthritis. It helps in maintaining cardiovascular health and in repairing skin, teeth, hair and nails. Most of us lead a sedentary life indoors, and just do not get enough sunlight. This leads to vitamin D deficiency. Cod liver oil can prevent vitamin D deficiency as well as lower inflammation. Check out the benefits of having cod liver oil every day:

Supplies vitamin D

Cod liver oil

Vitamin D behaves more as a hormone than vitamin in our bodies. It affects neurotransmitter functioning, inflammatory response and heart health. A deficiency of vitamin D causes

depression, anxiety, fatigue, infertility, asthma, autism and so on. It can also be the cause of cognitive, autoimmune and cardiovascular disorders and diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis. But high doses of vitamin D can also prove harmful, so a low but regular dose of vitamin D will help you stay healthy.

Supplies vitamin A

If you are fond of eating foods which are highly processed and do not follow a well-balanced diet, you may suffer from vitamin A deficiency. The benefits of cod liver oil extends to the providing of required vitamin A to your body. This leads to eye and brain health, helps in fighting cancer and spurring the production of hormones in the body. Cod liver oil, which is a natural supplement, is more effective than synthetically produced vitamin A.

Prevents heart disease

Cod liver oil benefits the heart as it lowers high triglyceride levels, which are one of the main causes of heart disease. Whether you consume cod liver oil in gel, solid or liquid form, it reduces the levels of cholesterol and helps to treat high BP (blood pressure). Omega 3s present in this oil prevents the stiffening and hardening of arteries, better known as Atherosclerosis. 

Helps to treat and prevent diabetes

The healthy fats in cod liver oil help in controlling inflammation, insulin resistance and in managing the sugar (glucose) levels in the blood. Cod liver oil health benefits and facts have shown that it lowers symptoms of diabetes related complications, such as kidney disease.

Lowers the risk of cancer

breast cancer

According to the latest cancer research, the higher the level of vitamin D in your body, the lesser the risk of cancer you have. Vitamin D due to cod liver oil and the sun has been found to help in the prevention of breast cancer as it can reduce mammary tumours.

Helps to treat arthritis

Cod liver oil benefits arthritis sufferers as it reduces stiffness, swelling and joint pain. This oil imitates the effect of medicines. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal drug and is a safe alternative to medicines. You can also use it as a supplement as it can help in keeping rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in check.

Boosts fertility

Boosts fertility

The Omega 6 and 3 fats enhance testicular and ovarian function as they help in the smooth running of the endocrine system. With the aid of its anti-inflammatory properties, it supports the pituitary, hypothalamic and adrenal glands that control the production of hormones involved in libido, reproduction and pregnancy. Pregnant mothers, who consumed cod liver oil, passed on the benefits of cod liver oil to their babies as well.

Helps to improve brain function

Cod liver oil benefits the brain too. Depressed and anxious people can be benefited by cod liver oil, as many studies have shown, that vitamin D and omega 3 acids help in fighting depression. Cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s are also benefited by regular intake of this oil.

Strengthens the bones

Strengthens the bones

This amazing fish oil, because of it’s vitamin D content, strengthens the bones and helps in preventing osteoporosis.

Cod liver oil health benefits and facts have revealed that it has gastric cytoprotective effects. So, it can heal ulcers and reduce pain and stress of ulcers. You can have cod liver oil mixed with lemon water, smoothie, juice or anything you want, to hide its fishy taste, and gain the multiple benefits of this wonderful oil.