Happiness lies in small things and not the big ones


When we are kids, we find happiness in the smallest and weirdest things. However, as we grow up, we start to find happiness in bigger things. Because of a priorities and commitments keep on changing as we age, we no longer do things that we love. The things that used to make us happy are tucked deep within our memories and we often encounter people who say, as kids we used to do this and that over here and there.

The reality of adulthood is sad and true

ice cream

A very true and sad part of adulthood is that we constantly relate happiness to things that are beyond our reach. If we only remember our childhood, we’ll understand that small things like eating an ice cream or playing hopscotch are enough to make us happy. We do not have to run after things that are beyond our reach. As time changes in the race towards life, we miss out precious moments of our life only because we are so busy catering to other things that are sometimes not even within our reach.

What makes it even worse is that most of the time we take things for granted and don’t appreciate all that we have. If you ask adults of today about what makes them happy, then at least 70 to 80% of them will answer something on the ground that is materialistic, financial, or a combination of both.

Why is it that we as adults cannot look beyond all these factors?

As much as it is important to ensure that you make ends meet, save for the future, secure your loved ones, and live a comfortable life, it is equally important to ensure that we live life and cherish small things and moments that can bring a huge change in our perspective and outlook of life.

In life, little things are more beautiful


One of the driving factors that make us strive for more is the pursuit for happiness. We already have the next one planned even before we can complete the first one. The minute our first goal is completed, we start running after the second. The question we need to ask ourselves is, are we running a race? And if we are, then what is it that we want to prove? Are we like the horses running on the racetrack?
Adults are like the horses in the racetrack

Most adults are like the horses on the racing track; their eyes are covered with eye pads so that they cannot see beyond their goal. The day we take out those eye pads that covers our eyes and learn to look at the wider picture, we will see that in order for the tree to be beautiful, it needs small elements like the bark, the roots, the leaves, the flowers or fruits and the birds making their nest to lay their eggs. All equally, come together and make the tree so beautiful. It’s the horse running free in the pastors, not the one running on the racing track, that sees the real beauty.

Even if you take the example of a butterfly, its natural beauty is seen when it is flying in the natural environment. Although it does require the necessities to live, it still enjoys its freedom, as that is exactly what it wants.

It is time to step out and feel the breeze

We as adults enjoy things that come with a price. Our enjoyment is generally of a short duration. The things that come free to us are often taken for granted, and we only enjoy them when we have nothing else to do. The day we learn that happiness does not come with something that is bought from the market, we will understand and learn to be happy with what we have. The precious moment of our lives is not in raising our children by giving them the best education, clothes, lifestyle or materialistic things.

In fact, it is about spending quality time with them, goofing around, and doing things like dancing in the rain, camping in the midst of forest, taking a walk by the beach, or just sitting down quietly and listening to some music and having fun laughing and talking. Money cannot buy happiness, as happiness isn’t available in the market for sale.

Break yourself from the boundaries you have set

Take a moment to enjoy the little things that are in front of you instead of running after things that provide happiness only for a short time. The day you learn to break free from the materialistic wants, is the day you truly start living, and that will be the day when you take your first step towards a lifelong journey of happiness.

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