Get the balance of your digestive system back on track with Kombucha

back on track with Kombucha

Kombucha, the ferment tea drink is centuries old, and has gained a lot of popularity recently. It’s considered to be a natural remedy for your digestive maladies. The drink is basically fermented black tea (with sugar), and contains a huge variety of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Kombucha is fermented by using SCOBY (a colony of yeast and bacteria). The tea is then transformed to a beverage which is rich in nutrients. It also contains very less sugar, as the process of fermentation uses up 90% sugar present in the tea. You can buy Kombucha in many health food outlets. Check out what this healthy beverage can do for you:

Kombucha nutrition and taste

You can add juice

Kombucha is loaded with beneficial acids and probiotics. It has very low calories (30 calories in every cup). It’s fat free without any protein in it, but has a lot of Vitamin B (20% of your daily requirement).

The taste is tangy and sweet, a bit like vinegar or shrub based beverage, though the flavour can vary widely according to the homebrew method or brand. You can add juices, herbs and fruit to concoct a beverage suited to your taste.

How Kombucha can help your digestion and overall health

Improves digestion

Improves digestion

Research is under way to determine the effects of Kombucha on the digestive process. But it’s well-known that the tasty beverage contains a lot of enzymes, probiotics as well as beneficial acids. The benefits of these have been researched and documented.

According to Harvard’s Medical School, a healthy gut should have more than 100 trillion bacteria. Much of emerging research has pointed out that an over sanitary environment, overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial products leads to changing the structure of the gut. Fermented drinks such as Kombucha can bring the balance back to your gut and improve your digestion.

According to some studies, Kombucha has the capacity to heal and prevent stomach ulcers and leaky gut. In some instances, it has been quite effective in treating GERD and heartburn. It stops candida yeast from multiplying in the gut.

Aids in detoxification

Aids in detoxification

We all love sodas and binge on junk food, but some people get addicted to the taste of sodas and processed foods. It’s difficult to find a replacement which can make one get rid of the desire for unhealthy beverages and food. Kombucha can help in detoxifying your liver as it contains Glucaric acid. On the other hand, it also increases the craving for healthy food.

Improves energy


Kombucha’s property to rejuvenate you and give you an energy boost is due to iron formation released during the process of fermentation, via a particular process called ‘chelation’. The released iron helps to boost the hemoglobin in the blood which improves the oxygen supply. This stimulates the process of energy production at cellular level, thus helping you to stay energized.

Immune health

immune system

Your immune system has to be strong enough to fight any infections, major or minor, which can make you weak. The Kombucha can modulate your immune system by controlling the free radicals via antioxidant properties. It contains DSL, D-saccharic acid-1 and 4-lactone, as well as vitamin C, which has been clinically proven to lower oxidative stress and immune-suppression.

Aids in joint care


This beverage which has become the favorite of many, aids in the prevention, healing and repairing of joints, due to the glucosamines it’s packed with. It helps to preserve collagen, thus preventing wrinkles, and protects from arthritic pain.

Cancer prevention


Kombucha is also said to prevent cancer and help in recovery. It reduces cancer risk in those who consume it regularly.

Helps to lose weight


Results of a study conducted in 2005 demonstrated that Kombucha can limit the accumulation of fat and improve the body metabolism. Though more studies are required to confirm this fact, we can accept these results as Kombucha contains acetic acid and polyphenols which have been proved to aid in weight loss.

This fizzy tea is an excellent alternative to sodas which are laden with sugar and are artificially carbonated. If you like fizzy drinks, you may try Kombucha which is naturally carbonated and has many health benefits.

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