Genital Warts/HPV Symptoms

Genital Warts/HPV: Symptoms

Top Symptoms

1. Papules on penis

Tiny or miniature sized papules on the penis shaft or head are a sure indication of the presence of the HPV in the system and the growth of the genital warts in males. Sometimes these papules are too small to be observable and might not even cause an itching, but once detected, they should be never ignored and the person should immediately seek medical help to prevent it from spreading.

2. Burning sensation in the genitals

Generally warts are painless but in certain cases they may cause the patients to suffer from a severe burning sensation in the genital as well as the anal regions. A burning sensation in the genitals should never be ignored, even if other symptoms of genital warts are not observed as it may indicate the presence of HPV inside the sex organs, especially inside the cervix and the vagina.

3. Increase in vaginal fluid discharge

When there is an infection of genital warts inside the walls of the vagina, it is generally marked by an increase of excretion of the vaginal fluid on sexual excitement. A sudden increase in the vaginal discharge should not be ignored as it may be a result of the growth of the HPV inside the vagina.

4. Dampness

There is an increased amount of dampness or moisture in places where there is an infection of the genital warts. This dampness may be itchy and uncomfortable and should not be ignored. Dampness in the infected regions of the groin is perhaps one of the first observable symptoms of genital warts and should not be taken lightly.

5. Red cauliflower shaped lesions

Lesions in the genital or anal areas are distinctly observable. They are generally red in color but may also be found to be pink or gray. These bumps are rapid growers and can rapidly grow into large clusters and expand in to larger masses and spread to nearby areas like the anus. These lesions can be itchy or might not show any other symptom at all, but once observed near or on the genitals medical aid must be taken immediately to prevent them from spreading more.

6. Raised masses in the genital areas

The genital warts may look like raised masses in the genital areas. They can be soft, hard, smooth or rough. Some genital warts may be too small to observe under the naked eye and may need to be observed under the lens, while others may be distinctly visible. They may be present on the scrotum, penis or even in the urethra. These raised masses may feel itchy and cause slight discomfort.

7. Urinary obstruction

Urinary obstruction is rare but possible when there is genital wart growth in the urethral opening. Urinary obstruction may also be accompanied by discharge of blood and mild pain and discomfort. This is generally observed when many warts grow and join together to constrict the urinary passage. This obstruction can be observed both in men and women suffering from genital warts. In cases of urinary obstruction due to genital warts doctors may go for surgical excision or laser treatments (reserved for extreme cases as they are very expensive).

8. Bleeding

Another warning sign of the presence of genital warts is bleeding during and after sexual intercourse. This generally occurs when the warts are present in the urethra in males or on the inner walls of the vagina in females. Bleeding could be due to friction caused by the growth of the warts (which may have a rough surface) during the sexual activity. These genital warts can be treated by trained physicians by cryocautery every 1 to 3 weeks, or by applying podopfilox lotion. In extreme cases surgical excision may also be undertaken by the doctors.

9. Itching in the genital areas

Itching in the groins is perhaps one of the first tell tale sign of the presence of genital warts. The itching may be mistaken to be due to normal bacterial growth or wetness. Initially the size of the genital warts may be less than one millimeter and hence it may be difficult to observe. In such cases when constant itching is observed, it is advised to have a thorough observation of the affected area. Curing the genitals warts when they are very small is easier. If warts are detected by the doctor on observation, they are generally treated by podophyllin resin and podopfilox gel.

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