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Futuristic Sex Tech to turn your fantasies into reality

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Virtual reality

The future podcast of the sex toys industry is not surprising. Considering the advancements in technology, it is also becoming the future of sex. Sextech is the term that is used about the latest technological changes in the industry. Considering that this is one of the largest industries in the globe, the technological innovations of robots, cognitive computing and sensors are contributing towards the rapid change of intimacy in humans.

Sex bots are the new toys of the industry

 sex dollsThe concept of sex dolls was the first innovative venture, which gave a new shape and form to sex toys. They were not just designed to take care of enhancing the sexual experience; however, they helped to replicate the experience of having sex even if there was no partner. The advanced versions of these dolls have evolved by adding the robotic intelligence and coming up with the Sexbot. With new landscape, advanced features and state of the art technology it is not surprising if eventually they even learn our behavior.

These toys are going smarter every year


Though at one point adult toys were meant only to add a little excitement to your sexual life, today they has evolved and become smarter. Not only can a woman learn a lot about her physical body, but she can also get to know about the intensity of her sexuality in the simplest way. The companion app or the sensors that come along with these toys, also have additional features such as Sex drive patterns, which are discovered, based on the conditions such as stress levels, menstruation cycles, mood and even the time of day.

Making the relevant suggestion on how the device can be used effectively based on the aggregated and individual data such as the various kinds of physical factors, body temperatures and even the individual muscle responses.

Another focus that is on the pipeline is also helping the health care industry by providing useful information such as treating different kinds of conditions, diagnosing problems and even gathering the necessary data that can be used for health research purposes.

Virtual reality is also in store

Virtual reality Another innovative concept that the futuristic sex toys have in store is virtual reality headsets, which will create the virtual porn world. This will indeed take the adult entertainment industry to a new level and also boost internet pornography. There is also word that big names of the industry have plans to pair VR movies with masturbation devices that are sensitive to touch.

Issues are the same in all domains that use technology

toys for adultsAs much as the various concepts that are in the pipeline are interesting, there are also certain challenges that lie ahead.  The reason why there could be an impact on the growth of sex technologies is due to factors such as understanding how to make these toys as innovative as possible that even if it cannot really replicate the human touch it can still surprise by providing something that is even close to it. With the implementation of synthetic biology, robotics, artificial intelligence and various other technological breakthroughs the future of sex toys is bright and successful.

A final though on this front

Sex-TechConsidering the needs of people and their ability to indulge into various kinds of sex, sex tech will certainly help to give a person the satisfaction that they need. Concepts like teledildonics, virtual BDSM, vibrator switch are sensitive to touch and other such innovative concepts can even make long distance relationships work out really well.

The need for sex and sex toys can surely turn the face of relationships and improve them largely only because there is the required satisfaction that comes along with it. At the end of the day, although sex toys cannot be substitutions for real intimacy but they can help to create an exciting environment between couples who love to explore themselves and enjoy each other’s company in the most satisfying way.

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