Food remedies for sinus congestion

Sinus Congestion

The air filled cavities in the cranial bones near the nose is known as the sinus. These air channels allow the easy flow of air into the lungs through the nose. However, sinus congestion occurs when there is infection with bacteria, fungi, virus or mucus from common cold. This condition is known as Sinusitis which causes disruption in the normal breathing. The main effects of getting hit with sinusitis is a constant drilling headache which seems to last endlessly. The pain is pronounced furthermore when the person bends down or lies down. It has been observed that usually the headache starts from one end of the head and gradually shifts laterally to the other side. Very commonly, these acute headaches are accompanied with toothaches too which cause a numbing effect on either side of the head or on the whole. Allergic reactions within the body by histamine reactions and those stimulated externally are also a causative factor.

There are a variety of treatments and remedies available for the treatment of sinusitis, ranging from self applicable medicines and methods to the medical aspects of using drugs and therapy. However, while most of the conventional methods for the treatment which are tried and tested seem to be available throughout, there are a wide range of Food Remedies that are applied contemporarily for the treatment of sinus congestion. Read on to find out more:

1. Richer antioxidants power

It has been proven time and again that the power of antioxidants in combating with various types of illnesses is unmatched. Similarly, for sinus congestion, the inclusion of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables such as grapes, tomatoes, oranges, pomegranates, cherries, sweet potatoes, broccoli and spinach, to name a few.

2. Flavonoid reserves

Flavonoids are the pigments in fruits and vegetables that are responsible for the wide range of colors. These compounds not only lend color but also help reduce or possibly stop the production of histamines in the body in order to prevent the allergic reactions that might break out internally. Foods that are rich in flavonoids are red, blue and purple berries, bananas, citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes, soybeans, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, etc

3. Spicy resort

Along with the antioxidant and flavonoid rich properties of spices, these magic foods are also helpful in resisting sinus congestion. Dill is rich in flavonoid such as quercetin which helps combat histamine reaction. However, it must be noted that since spices are consumed in lesser amounts compared to fruits and vegetables, they must be used fresh to observe appreciable benefits.

4. Chicken soup

Remember the days of curling up with a hot piping bowl of soup on the days when cold would not want to evade you? It is those soups which can also help you in the process of getting relief from sinus congestion. Chicken soups are reported to be quite a good food tool to combat the distress. You may wonder how a soup can help of all foods. The warm temperature of the soup helps soothe the jammed mucus and eases the congestion by diluting and clearing some of the nasal passage. The chicken incorporated in turn provides the required amino acids to help your body repair the broken tissues and build up on the immunity quotient.

5. Tea time

Herbal tea also poses to minimize sinus congestion significantly as tea is rich in antioxidants and the incorporated herbs help provide the required essential oils to help regain the vigor.

6. Minty surprise

Peppermint is not only good as an added flavor in your after hours, but the menthol content in peppermint is highly effective in decreasing the congestion of the sinusitis. The menthol helps to dilute the mucus from the congested area and helps lower the congestion and thus frees the breathing channel.

7. Smelling garlic

Garlic is a store house of anti oxidants which help in soothing the congestion of the sinus. There are several ways of consuming garlic for soothing sinus congestion in forms of warm boiling, or adding to bread, in the form of garlic bread or even the infusion of garlic in warm soups is a great option while considering garlic as a potent sinus congestion reliever.

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