Finding your way to a good massage clinic is easier than you think


These days, massage therapy has become very popular among people from all walks of life for treating everything from arthritis to migraine headaches. But how do you know where to go to get good-quality services? There are so many options everywhere that things can be quite overwhelming. For example, finding a massage therapy clinic in Calgary can turn out to be quite a challenge.To figure out which one is best for you, you’ll have to be a little strategic.

Get word-of-mouth recommendations

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There are two ways to do this:  You can either ask your friends and family who they would recommend in terms of massage therapy clinics, or you can go online and check for reviews.

More expensive doesn’t mean better

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Just because a massage therapy clinic has a high price tag on its services doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better than a clinic whose services are more affordable. Before you let price be your guide, find out exactly why their services are more expensive. Do they offer “extras” that you don’t necessarily need?

Or, do they offer more varied business hours such as evenings and weekends that would make using their services more convenient to you? If it’s the former, there’s really no reason to choose that clinic. If, however, the extended hours is something that would make making and keeping massage therapy appointments that are more in line with your schedule, that could be a reason to choose a more costly clinic.

Have a trial run

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Before you sign up for a full roster of sessions from a massage therapy clinic, sign up for a trial session. This is a great way to find out whether the clinic is a good fit for you. You’ll get a feeling for the service, the facility and the actual staff and you’ll know whether it’s a place you want to frequent – or not. If something feels off, even if you can’t pinpoint what it is, move on to another clinic. There are lots to choose from.

Ask lots of questions

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When you go for your trial run, bring with you a list of questions to ask. Find out about their services, their experience, their overall philosophy, whether they have any clients with needs similar to yours, etc. The more information you can get during this appointment, the better. Most clinics will have no problem answering any and all of your questions thoroughly. If they seem bothered by your questions, that could be a warning sign that they are not the clinic for you. Consider choosing another one.

Finding a massage therapy clinic that is right for you may take a little bit of time and effort on your part, but it’s worth it. Effective, professionally done massage and therapeutic touch can help alleviate your symptoms of pain in a safe, medicine-free way.

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