Fight fatigue with some very useful tips

Fatigue is one of the most common problems that individuals experience in their day to day lives. Many individuals confuse fatigue with tiredness. However the two conditions are extremely different though it may same to many individuals. Tiredness does not completely disrupt the working capacity of an individual. Rather it is temporary and can be overcome with adequate rest. But for individuals suffering from fatigue, the working capacity of the individual is interfered with and the individual suffers from weariness and a total wipe out from all energy to continue his work. This overwhelming exhaustion, lack of energy even after a good rest or sleep is very damaging for an individual. It has been estimated that about ten million people around the world visit their doctors to address their problems regarding fatigue. Fatigue can even hamper the thinking capacity of the individual and may make him prone to constant mood swings. However there are ways by which an individual can address to see the extent of their fatigue and deal efficiently with it.


Many individuals experience fatigue due to the effect of some medications which causes drowsiness, weariness, low energy and constant emotional changes. However there are many individuals who suffer from mild levels of fatigue which are not caused by the side effects of any medicines that they consume. For such individuals fatigue may be due to less amount of sleep, stress at work or home or due to hectic schedules. These individuals can cope up with the effects of fatigue by simply doing some exercises. It has been found in clinical researches that healthy individuals who are experiencing fatigue can revive the energy levels by doing a modest workout program. Riding a stationary bike for a period of about twenty minutes can also bring back energy in the individual. Doing this exercise thrice a week can do wonders for fighting fatigue. Meditation has also been found useful to fight fatigue. The deep inhaling and exhaling process involved in meditation also helps in the reduction of fatigue elements in an individual.

Cutting down the consumption of junk foods

Many people are hooked to junk foods for instantly recharging their energy levels and quenching their hunger. Individuals consume candy bars and other kinds of junk food with the ultimate goal of replenishing the sugar content in their body and raising their energy levels. However this has an opposite reaction on the individual. Consuming these junk foods gives you a sugar boost instantly which lasts for a short time. After this you are left with a feeling of lack of energy and weariness. The individual will have a lagging feeling after some time. For avoiding such situations, snacks full of proteins and a complex carbohydrate should be consumed. This helps in controlling your fatigue and also does not lead to excess calorie consumption, which is the case with junk foods.

Eating a healthy breakfast daily

Consuming a healthy breakfast in the morning is extremely essential in fighting against fatigue. You may have noticed how your mother used to harp on your having a healthy breakfast in the morning. She was correct. When you wake up in the morning, the sugar content in your body is low. That is the reason why people often feel lazy to get up from their bed. To combat this laziness, consuming a healthy breakfast is important. The breakfast should be a balanced one with the correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates so as to supply your body with the essential energy. Milk, fruits is some of the healthy breakfast food options.

Drink adequate amount of water

It has been often found that individuals who does not consume adequate amount of water suffer from fatigue. Even mild dehydration can force your heart to work harder than it normally does. Without adequate amount of water, the blood thickens and this makes it very difficult for the heart to pump the blood. This low blood circulation in your body may also lead to low energy levels in an individual and thereby making him a victim of fatigue. Drinking at least eight glasses of water in the course of a day is necessary for an individual to replenish his body with adequate amounts of water. If the urine is dark and has a certain odor, then the individual should increase his intake of water as he is not getting enough liquids in his food.

Breathe deeply

Taking short and shallow breaths will not supply adequate amounts of oxygen in your body. Less amount of oxygen in your body can also result in your feeling low in energy and drowsiness or weariness may set in. An individual should spend adequate amount of time in taking deep breaths from his diaphragm. The ideal time for this activity is by going out for a walk in the morning. Nothing works better than the early morning air. If an individual experiences stress, he should immediately inhale deeply as this will increase the oxygen content and give him a new lease of energy.


Essential oils not only have a beneficial effect on the skin of an individual but also helpful for an individual to get relief from the bouts of fatigue. Rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus are some of the essential oils that can be used by an individual to fight fatigue. An individual can also carry rosemary, lavender or eucalyptus in cloth sachets and smell them when required. Individuals can also crush them and inhale them deeply. The smell of these oils help in combating the stress and prevents fatigue. The aroma of certain citrus fruits like lemon, orange or lime is very helpful for fighting fatigue in individuals. Jasmine and roses can also be kept in flower vases and their smell may also be inhaled to get rid from fatigue.

Treat your body pains

Individuals who suffer from chronic pain may also fall victims of fatigue. The development of this pain and the continuous pain in the individual’s body can lead to depression and mood swings in the person. The person may get easily tired, weary and may even become emotional, easily. These pave the path for development of fatigue in the individual. Therefore to control fatigue in the individual, it is very important to control pain. Arthritis leads to inflammation in various joints and parts of the body and the individual finds it very difficult to move or sit. Such situation should be avoided and the individual should consult his doctor for medicines which will help him to control the pain. Cytokines is the chemical messengers which increases the inflammation levels in an individual. This compound has been found in higher amount in the blood of these individuals. Therefore controlling pain from arthritis is essential.

Develop good sleeping habits

Sleep deprivation or not getting adequate amount of sleep is also reasons for development of fatigue in an individual. Following some simple steps will ensure that you get at least seven hours of undisturbed sleep, which is required for the body to recharge you. Sleeping at the same time and getting up at the same time, reading a good book before sleeping, not watching television before going to sleep are some of the rules that can be followed to get a good sleep. An individual can establish a habit for the body to realize that it is time for it to go to sleep. This will not happen in a single day, but with time the body will understand it and respond accordingly. If an individual still experiences problem in getting a good sleep, he should consult his doctor and take sleeping pills.

Get tested for anemia

Anemic individuals have been found to be victims of fatigue. Anemic individuals have the number and size of their blood cells affected. As a result of the low iron levels in the blood, adequate oxygen cannot be bound to the iron in the blood. This leads to a lack of energy in the individual. If an individual experiences fatigue, he should get himself tested for anemia. If he is anemic, he should consult his doctor and increase the level of iron so as to stop becoming fatigued.

Learn to control your stress levels

Stress in an individual causes shallow breaths and this limits the availability of oxygen in the body. It is therefore very important for an individual to look for ways to distress his body. The individual should plan his daily work schedule. This will give him an idea of which work needs to be done at what time. This will also help him to give priority to some jobs and he will be able to do them at the earliest. Therefore, the individual will not stress himself out by thinking whether he will be able to complete the job within the given time. The trick is to organize the work within the time and work accordingly. This will give you ample time to relax and rest, which will prevent you from becoming fatigued.

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