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Female pattern baldness

Female Baldness

Even if female baldness pattern exist in today’s society, what most of the people discuss about is male hair loss and the way it affects men. Somehow it is understandable that men suffer from hair loss more when compared to women hence they are represented in the market by those who want to sell some type of hair loss product or try to get brand recognition. Female pattern baldness can be due to aging or genes. However, the good news is that such problem of female can be treated by something which can be fixed with some natural supplement.

Causes of female pattern baldness

Causes of hair loss in women

Each hair takes 2 to 6 years to grow properly. It comes from its follicle with an average rate of ½ inch every month. Some hair grows in proper way while rest falls out. However, new hair soon starts growing in that place. According to research made, in an individual almost 85% of hair grows and remaining 15% falls. The problem of baldness comes when hair falls out and new hair does not grow in that place. The exact cause of female pattern baldness is not known so far. However, it can be related to many reasons like:

  • Aging.
  • Changes in androgen’s level. Suppose, most women find that the hair on their head is thinner, once they reach menopause while the hair on their face is coarser.
  • Family history of pattern baldness.
  • Female pattern baldness can also take place after pregnancy. In some cases women can face this problem once they discontinue birth control pills.
  • It can be also the sign of hormonal imbalance like excess facial and body hair.

Other reasons of hair loss in women can be:

  • Hormonal abnormalities, like excess testosterone or too much or extreme less thyroid hormone.
  • Some skin diseases leading to scarring of the hair follicles.
  • Breaking hair by pulling or twisting hair or some hair shaft abnormalities which are present from birth.

Common causes are:

  • Deficiency of iron.
  • Medications like chemotherapy and beta blockers.
  • Syphilis.
  • Temporary shedding of hair after a major illness.
  • Deficiency of vitamin.


Symptoms of hair loss in womenThere can be great difference in female and male pattern baldness. Some symptoms which are usually seen in women are:

  • This is slow progress from hair loss or near total baldness, as it can be seen in men
  • The front hairline remains.
  • Hair becomes thinner on the top and crown of the scalp. It usually begins with a widening through the center hair part.


To diagnose female pattern baldness following things are considered:

  • Knowing the exact cause of hair loss.
  • The hair loss pattern.
  • Medical history.

Other than this, doctors will look for other signs like acne problem or changes in menstrual problem and if any of such signs are found, they will perform a skin biopsy test or some kind of blood test which can be used to diagnose disorders of skin causing hair loss.



  1. The problem of hair loss pattern can become permanent if it is not treated on time. In some cases hair loss problem can be moderate or mild. If you are comfortable with your hair looks then treatment is not compulsory.
  2. Approved by United Sates Food and Drug Administration, there is one drug which can treat female pattern baldness which is called minoxidil. It is used for treating scalp.
  3. Other treatment called hair transplant can be also helpful. In this treatment tiny hair are plugged form area where hair is thicker and are placed in the areas which are balding. This can create some minor scarring where hair is removed.
  4. Hair weaving is also one treatment which is proved effective. This can bring some change in hairstyle and also improve your appearance. However it is an expensive treatment as compared to hair transplant, but is safest way to treat female pattern baldness.
  5. The best way to deal with problem is to get as much protein as you can to hair follicles by which your hair can start re-growing hair gain. You do this by using some type of natural supplement which can provide proteins to your body and thus balance the right amount of hair nutrition.


There is no specific prevention you can opt to stop this problem as it is a natural cause. However by following healthy diet and taking proper care of hair by shopping it twice a week can lessen you hair fall problem.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are women and men getting affected differently?

The pattern of baldness may be moderate or mild can affect 50% of men after age of 50 or some experience it in their 20’s. when compared to this only 20% of women suffer from such problem called androgenetic alopecia which contributes in hair loss problem other than aging or hormonal changes. By age of 50, 35% of women experience balding problem.

2. What are the types of hair loss?

There are different types of hair loss like:

  • Alopecia alrietta where hair loss is at particular spot.
  • Trichotillomania which is caused due to pulling the hair out.
  • Traction alopecia is caused due to tight pony tails or cornrows.
  • Facelift is the surgical process which alters the hairline.

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