6 Surprising heart attack triggers

Heart attack triggers

Studies suggest heart attacks claim many lives across the globe every year. The condition deteriorates if immediate assistance is not provided to the suffering individual. A heart attack is a state when the flow of blood gets blocked to a section of the heart. These attacks occur as a result of either “Coronary Heart Disease” (CHD) or “Spasms”. CHD is a condition wherein plaque develops in the arteries carrying oxygen-rich blood to the heart. When the accumulation increases once in a while a blood clot may get trapped in the plaque surface leading to the stoppage of blood flow to the heart, thereby causing an arrest. Spasms is a severe contraction or tightening of the coronary artery triggering the same effect as above. These two abnormalities lead to either insufficient blood supply to the heart or irregular heartbeats leading to cardiac arrest. Much has been researched on the causes of heart attacks but very few of us know about the nascent triggers that may take us by surprise.

1. Traffic Exposure

Although it’s not very clear as to stress due to being stuck up in the reckless jams or the pollutions levels obtaining in these jams cause heart attacks but studies conducted reveal there is definitely a correlation between the long snarls and heart attack. Thus, it is pragmatic to opt for either “trains” or “work from home” rather than transverse in a vehicle which is an equal treat to the driver or the passenger.

2. Physical Exertion

A trigger which mostly affects people with a “sedentary lifestyle”. When such desk-bound people suddenly elicit a strenuous exercise regime there body goes into a state of shock. It is advisable thus to maintain a regular exercise schedule to acclimatize the body or to warm up the body before embarking on rigorous exercises.

3. Alcohol and Coffee

It is often quoted that one glass of wine or any other alcoholic beverage can help curtail the risk of heart failure due to the presence of polyphenols. However, more than that amount can cause serious arrests which are primarily caused due to the decreased ability of the body systems to dissolve blood clots. Contrary to the effect alcohols have on human body, coffee when consumed elaborately help boost body’s intake of caffeine and thus reduce the risk of heart attacks.

4. Air Pollution

In today’s era we cannot prevent ourselves from inhaling polluted air but surely we can avoid exposure time. Although studies reveal air pollution accounts for about 4 percent of heart attacks still it is a trigger that requires attention. However, minimizing stress, treating migraines and asthma, avoiding cholesterol rich foods help boost a healthy heart.

5. Strong Emotions

Fervent emotions both positive or negative may lead to cardiac arrests. It is widely studied and documented that although negative emotions are the key factors to heart attacks a mere 2 percent of arrests can occur due to high levels of ecstasy. Acute emotions increase adrenaline output, heart rate and cohesion of red blood cells which when act in unison lead to constriction of arteries.

6. Sex

A very low level trigger, sex can cause cardiac arrests to people who already suffer from some heart ailment due to accelerated blood pressure and heart rates. However, if one follows a good exercise regime this trigger which accounts for about 2 percent of arrests can easily be removed from the list.

An informed mind and a conscientious life style can make all the difference to the threats the modern day culture, in the form of “diseases”, bring into our lives.

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