Erectile Dysfunction Real Stories

Erectile Dysfunction: Real Stories

Real stories are personal stories shared by members of the DIYHealth community. These are stories of hope and triumph over a medical condition, inspiring us to stay the course.

Top Real Stories

1. My success story

I was a heavy smoker and I over indulged in it. I also had a very bad habit of masturbating excessively and I practiced it more than often. I couldn’t get erection at times but I thought it was a temporary disorder. After visiting my doctor, it was confirmed that I had erectile dysfunction. I was very worried and tried several medicines without any positive results. Then the doctor advised me to go for a surgery as it was the last option available. The surgery involved the insertion of artificial rods into the penis. I was scared to death and refused straight away. On my way to home I read a billboard sign that read, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” That quote boosted me with optimism and I decided to go for the surgery. The surgery was successful and I was able to perform once again. Sometimes an optimistic decision can change the rest of our life.

2. Enjoy life as much as possible

I have had everything in life: money, job, wife, kids. With age, my health deteriorated and when I reached my sixties, I suffered from erectile dysfunction. I no longer enjoyed life and I was least interested in life’s activities. My mental state reached a point where I decided to commit suicide. I even attempted it once by consuming sleeping pills but was saved by my son. He talked to me and persuaded me to visit a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist understood my condition and treated me accordingly. My life improved as I developed interest in life again. Today, I am a happy old man who wants to live and enjoy life as far as possible.

3. Positive attitude works

I used to be a jolly man and I loved to make people laugh. But, after I suffered from erectile dysfunction, my life turned upside down. I could no longer get an erection and this disorder gave birth to depression. I went into depression and my woes continued. One day while driving, I heard a song on radio that had inspirational lyrics that changed my attitude towards life. I decided to enjoy every moment of life from that day onwards. I also started some medication to get freedom from the erectile dysfunction. With time my confidence grew and I started to get erection on regular basis. My worries were over, and with positive thinking, I lived the rest of my life happily.

4. A helpful advise

Erectile dysfunction destroyed my married life and caused a psychological dent in my mind. My sexual life got badly affected with this disorder, as a result of which my wife decided to divorce me. This decision left me alone and completely shattered. I could not get myself out of the shock and did not know what to do. My friend saw my condition and suggested to get treated by doctor. The doctor prescribed me the latest ‘injection therapy’ and that really worked. I could indulge in sex once again and that meant I could live a happy sexual life again. I got married again, and now I have a happy family with two kids. I can never forget the support and help that my friend gave me.

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