How to create an allergy emergency kit

An allergy is actually a hypersensitivity reaction of the immune system. While everyone is mildly allergic to something or the other, some are prone to severe reactions, the worst of which can result in death due to anaphylactic shock. When such severe an

How to Cure a flaking elbow

With the approach of winter and the skin seems to mimic the surroundings by getting cold and dry. The elbow is a part that is most commonly affected. We use the elbow a lot each day and are mostly unaware of it too. Even typing a very common email require

How to cook veggies in a healthy way?

Health is one of the major concerns in today’s hectic world. Eating healthy helps you stay fit but at times it becomes difficult. This may be due to our bad eating habits, the food we choose or the way in which we cook. Nutrition experts or dietitians hav

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