How to manage your health?

diseases and managing the conditions was never so easy. With the DIY health as
the latest trend, managing health and diseases is becoming easier. The latest DIY
health apps enable patients to manage existing disease conditions as well as contro

Take charge of your health with home tests

Take charge of your health with home tests The advancement in technology has made plenty of home tests and health apps available to consumers. Today’s consumers are smart, well informed and are more responsible towards their health and wellbeing. This

9 DIY soft tennis ball self-massages for back and neck pain

Hunching at the computer screen, slouching in your chair and sleeping on the sofa are instances of modern day effects that cause pain in the neck and the back. Exercises with a soft tennis ball are ideal to relieve muscles. The best part is they can all b

9 DIY strategies to identify whether you have breast cancer

Statistics reveal that every year 5,00,000 people become victim to breast cancer and ultimately succumb to their condition, the ratio being more common among women. It is the second most common kind of cancer to afflict humans, the first being lung cancer

9 DIY strategies to identify onset of chickenpox

Chickenpox is a very common contagious disease, especially prevalent among children. Though not a serious condition, much can be done to curtail the symptoms if the condition is identified early on. Check for the following symptoms if you have been in con

9 Strategies to identify teenage depression

Teenage depression could be a serious problem because of extra stress due to studies, hormonal changes, transition to adulthood, etc. If the teen exhibits some unusual signs like withdrawal symptoms, anger and hostility, irritability, lack of concentratio

DIY steps to revive yourself from heart attack

If you have ever been to first-aid classes or learnt how to help people in medical emergencies, then you probably know that how administrating CPR can save a patient’s life. With millions of people facing heart attacks every year world over, CPR can be a

DIY steps to check ovulation

Ovulation is the time where the eggs are released from the ovaries for fertilization. Every month, hormones from the pituitary gland stimulate the ovaries to release an egg or ovulate. Once the egg is released, i

DIY steps to use insulin pump

Insulin pumps, as a continuous source of insulin for diabetes mellitus patients, are gradually becoming popular. The positive feedback that the product is receiving from the users stems from multiple factors. It brings convenience as it obviates the need

DIY steps to quit smoking

OverviewOne of the strongest addictions that afflict humans is smoking. Nicotine in tobacco is a powerful habit-forming substance and once you consume it in a smoke, you get consumed by it! With a large part of the world addicted to smoking, more and more

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