Depression antidotes: Keeping the blues at bay


Depression is one of the most common mental disorders, that is expressed as loss of interest, feeling of low self-worth, disturbed sleep, low energy and poor concentration. It is an illness, that involves the body, mood and thoughts. Depression is the leading cause of disability apathy in work, broken relationships and more. Changing your lifestyle to like those of our primal ancestors can work wonders in battling the blues.

1. Set Goals

Whenever our mind gets depressed, take a paper and start writing about your goals in your life. Then the working of our brain changes and we start thinking about achieving those goals.

2. Sleep

Due to insufficient sleep at night, many people become stressed or moody for the next following days. Studies say that it can leads to long-term mood disorders, such as, depression.

3. Exercise

Exercise makes our mind dynamic and energetic. While doing exercise, blood flows from the head to leg, thereby, increasing our energy level and making us fresh and energetic.

4. Meditation

Meditation is generally inwardly oriented. It is a personal practice, which individuals can do on their own. Meditation helps us in tuning our inner selves.This brings happiness, that does not depend upon the outer events. Meditations are some forms of prayers, which help us in enhancing our concentration, thereby, making us feel relaxed.

5. Have proper diet

What you eat has a direct impact on the way you think and act. So, give more importance to a balanced diet of protein,carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

a. Don’t skip meals. Have meals regularly. Eat something at an interval of every 3-4 hours. Otherwise, you feel irritable and tired.

b. Have a fresh diet. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the primary sources of energy, which help one to be very vibrant, energetic and fresh.

c. Boost vitamin B content. Deficiency of vitamin B causes depression. So, try to get more vitamin B supplement. Eat citrus fruits, leafy greens, beans, chicken and eggs.

6. Sunlight

Some people have a disorder due to a lack of sunlight and that is known as ‘Seasonal Sadness’. It is better to have walks for 30 minute each day and absorb the sunlight.

7. Hydration

A study by Tufts University says that a lack of water intake results in anxiety, mood disorders, depression and negative mood. Have enough water,.Taking enough water purifies your blood and increases blood flow in our bodies.

8. Have a brisk early morning walk

Take big and deep breaths while going for morning walks. The morning freshness in air and surroundings make you feel revitalized.

9. Watch what you think

Make sure of what you think. Watch your thinking constantly. When you feel that your mind is taking you into certain things, which make you worry, start diverting your mind by thinking of something which you like very much. Start reading comic books, watch the television shows or hear some music.

10. Do things what you enjoy

We can’t force ourselves to have fun or experience pleasure. Pick up a former hobby or sport We may be surprised to find out how energetic we feel, as we have time for fun.

11. Build your self-confidence

People, who suffer from depression often lack self-confidence.Take a paper and write down all your good qualities. Have a look at it whenever you feel down.

12. Learn to laugh

Laughing surely makes you feel good. Try to laugh loudly whenever you get a chance. A good and hearty laugh relieves us from all kinds of tension and stress. It leaves our muscles relaxed through the excretions of toxins, thereby, reducing stress and increasing our energy levels. A humorous perspective creates more psychological distance, which helps you to avoid the feeling of mental fatigue.

13. Write down your problems

When you list down your problems, they seem to be less threatening. We are able to tackle them easily too.

14. Forgiveness

Many times we are sad without reason. When we start forgiving people, we become very relaxed and place ourselves in in the world of happiness.

15. Gratitude

We often complain about others and make ourselves sad. Stop complaining. Sit down and make a list of facts for which we should be thankful. Be grateful for what you are.

Beat depression, be happy and enjoy your life at the maximum.

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