Deal with it! Highly effective strategies to counter social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder is a very common physical condition. The condition mostly occurs naturally as a result of the human development and those affected by the condition at a later age are found to have undergone some kind of trauma in their lives. The condition can be palliated using medication and certain psychological therapies. However, there are certain effective ways of dealing with the disorder and many patients have proved their success in this regard by following these steps.

Hold on to hope

For a person with social anxiety disorder, hope is one of the best medicines. Though hope cannot be easily created inside the individual’s mind, a close friend, family member or relative could help the individual engage in things that can increase his hope and thus assist in mitigating the stress levels and increase his confidence. Give him hope to live a stress and anxiety-free life and this will surely be effective in changing the person’s introversion.

Diet works

To better deal with social anxiety disorder, one must include foods rich in complex carbs in the daily diet. Fruits, whole grains and vegetables are ideal. Foods that contain a lot of sugar and simple carbs must be avoided. By taking foods high in complex carbs, the amount of serotonin in the brain increases, thus relaxing the mind of the sufferer. Eating small meals at various intervals is ideal. Try to avoid alcohol consumption. Moreover, beverages that stimulate the mind, like tea and coffee, that contain caffeine must be avoided. Eat foods rich in vitamin Bs and folic acid. Keep the body hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Find a person to talk to

While dealing with social anxiety disorder, it is very important to understand that the condition is not a disease, and is a disorder, which requires a lot more than mere medication. People experiencing the condition often tend to keep away from social life and connecting with people, be it friends or family. The fear of interaction can be overcome with having someone to talk to, whenever the patient is greatly anxious or distressed. A socially anxious person will be able to overcome shyness talking to a therapist and can practice the steps in dealing with situations that he or she finds difficult to cope with. Slowly practicing to talk without fear and being with a group of people that the person is comfortable with, will help deal with the condition and overcome it eventually.

Learn to tackle phobias

Talking to a psychotherapist who treats social anxiety disorder could be a lot helpful, especially when the treatment includes therapies that give more exposure to the fear and find strategies to overcome it.

Social anxiety disorder is a kind of social phobia. To overcome the disorder, it is important to get rid of the fear by indulging in activities that can help you tackle the social phobia. Social anxiety disorder results in shyness, and this makes the individual create a negative feeling about himself or herself. Instead of building up an impression on your own, listen to what others have to say about you. There could be positive points in you that you are not aware of. Listening to what others say could enhance your thoughts and free you from the binding of social phobia to a great extend. Such individuals usually set certain safety behaviors. Learn to stop putting these into practice, starting from the most easiest one. Eventually, you will learn to tackle the so called social phobia. Additionally, if the social anxiety disorder is a later developed one, you could think of the best moments in your life and the time you spent with your loved ones without having the fear of socializing.

Try graduate exposure therapy for peruresis

For those having the fear of using public restrooms, a treatment called graduate exposure therapy is found to be effective. For such individuals, the therapy starts with exposure to the situation at a low level intensity and gradually increasing its intensity until the individual reaches a state of comfort. About 80% of the patients undergoing this treatment have shown improvement. The therapy can be done on your own or with the presence of a close relative or friend. Drink lots of fluid and create a urinating urgency, if you think this will ease the situation of practicing. This can be practiced at home, with your partner being near to you or being seated in the same room, but away from you. Practice a few times and the fear will be gone eventually. Also, create a list of places not comfortable for you. Starting from the most easiest one, you can practice in the presence of this friend or relative.

Call for relaxation techniques

The various relaxation techniques being used for treating social anxiety disorder are of prime importance. These can be practiced at home, without the intervention of anyone. Certain relaxation methods like mind relaxation and muscle relaxation are commonly used. Diaphragmatic breathing relaxes your breath and contributes to teaching you to breathe slowly and this relieves the stress around you. Such a deep breathing method must be mastered as other relaxation methods are closely connected to it. Progressive muscle relaxation involves relaxing your muscles and thus inducing your entire body to relax. A method called autogenic training is practiced wherein a series of statements are written about the various parts of your body and read out repeatedly, which is found to influence the functioning of the nervous system. In a technique called guided imagery, the individual uses his senses to relax his mind that sometimes he may fall asleep. Individuals with social anxiety disorder are found to be benefited from yoga.

Gift ideas

If you know someone dealing with social anxiety disorder, the best way to increase their confidence is to gift them with something that can aid in relieving and mitigating his or her stress levels and boosting the confidence. A few gifts that can be presented are chamomile tea, self-help books, stress balls, clothes, oils for aromatherapy especially lavender oil, meditation and yoga books and CDs, etc.

Free up your schedule

Equally important is taking free time off work and other activities and spending time for yourself. Try to do a self analysis of your behavior and remember the qualities that make others appreciate or like you. Go for a vacation alone, do things that you like the most, and pamper yourself. Making free time calms your mind and relieves stress thus helping you deal with the condition.

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