Conjunctivitis Real Stories

Conjunctivitis: Real Stories

Real stories are personal stories shared by members of the DIYHealth community. These are stories of hope and triumph over a medical condition, inspiring us to stay the course.

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1. The hide and seek disease

The first time I had conjunctivitis, I was very confused and surprised. I had the symptoms for three months including redness in the conjunctiva, swollen eyelids, watery eyes, some morning crystallization in the eyelash area, occasional itchiness and the feeling of something in my eye. It would be very irritating in the morning and gradually become lesser by the evening, but be back in the morning. I was told by my neighbor that it was because of an adenovirus and would go away with time. I would wash my eyes and hands properly with salt water every evening and that provided me with a lot of relief. The redness would still be there but the itchiness was gone after every wash. I had to use these home made remedies because antibiotics did not suit me at all. There were moments when I felt very crippled because of this disease but my mother was always there to help me with my chores and made it bearable for me to pass this terrible time.  

2. Makeup gone wrong

I was in high school when I had the pink eye problem for the first time. We were practicing for our annual day recital in our school. And I was in the habit of occasionally borrowing make up from my friends because I found carrying my kit a chore. It so happened that my friend was suffering from conjunctivitis and using her makeup passed it on to me as well. It was a terrible experience and I stayed home for the whole week and had to skip the recital. I was given company by my grandmother, who stayed with me day and night. This problem actually brought me closer to my family and I learned the importance of staying at home. I never apply any makeup near my eyes or never borrow them, better safe than sorry.

3. Allergy

My summer holidays were on and there was no school for about two months. After studying relentlessly for my exams, this was the time I was relishing most. I had already piled up numerous computer games that I intended to enjoy in the next two months. But right after the first week, my eyes started itching, as if there was sand in them. Closing my eyes or washing them would make no difference at all, my eyes would be streaming continuously whenever I made an effort to keep them open. In the beginning when I first complained about it, my parents thought that it is because of the time I spend in front of my PC. I would wake up with extremely red eyes and they would start lecturing about sleeping on time. But when we finally visited a doctor, he told us that it is conjunctivitis and is caused by a pollen allergy in my case. I had to endure several days of boredom and pain while I could hear my friends playing and enjoying themselves. I was on antibiotics, and my conditions improved drastically. I could sit home and play on the PC and was advised not to go out. I spent most of my holidays inside my house but it was a small sacrifice as compared to the difficulties I had faced.

4. Swimming classes

I had started going to swimming classes some months back because my mom had been constantly urging me. I would go straight from my classes to the club where some people learned swimming. I would not be carrying any gear such as my towel or cap. It so happened that a friend of mine had this problem of pink eye (conjunctivitis) and he was complaining about it since a few days. I was unaware of this problem and as he was taking antibiotics, I did not think much about it. But two days after I first heard from him about this problem, I started feeling the same in my eyes. I got it checked immediately and found that I had this problem too. It was most probably because of me using his towel that the bacteria also infected me. It was a very painful experience and I could not go out for days because of this. But I stayed home, had good food to take my mind off it and soon got rid of it. I am always very particular about maintaining a proper hygiene now, something that really pleases my mom. 

5. A teacher’s story

I have been teaching in a school for the last 5 years and have had never shown any symptoms of conjunctivitis earlier. It was during the last month that there was an outbreak and a lot of kids were suffering from it. I thought little about it till I woke up one day, furiously scratching my eyes. I could not see properly so I thought washing my eye would help. It made no difference at all and I could hardly do any of my work because it involves reading and writing. I had to take rest for a while after every class I took. My eyes were red and blotchy with all the rubbing. I had to take a leave right before the exams and stayed home till it got better. Because I was unable to work, I would sit on my chair in the sun for hours listening to music. This is how I passed the time while I was sick. I took this attack as a break from my monotonous life and was able to refresh myself. It was nevertheless an irritating experience. 

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