Cold and flu season tips

Keep cold and flu infections at bay.

With the approach of the winter season, cold and flu have become a major irritant to the human health. Not only do they disrupt our everyday routine, but they are also responsible for causing numerous other related ailments ranging from headaches to throat infections and from sore eyes to digestive problems. Moreover, when the cold and flu infection is caught by the vulnerable sections, constituting infants and elderly people, it tends to have a multiplicity of harmful effects. Thus, it is extremely important to know everything about the cold and flu issues, in order to get rid of them completely and permanently. Here are a few tips to keep you at bay from cold and flu infections.

1. Spread of germs

It is essential to know how these germs spread so that such diseases can be immediately prevented. Cold and flu germs are basically communicable. When you touch a surface that covers even an iota of these germs and without washing hands if you touch your face, nose or eyes, you extend a direct invitation to the germs to attack you. During these times, it is advisable to resist contact with people who are suffering from similar ailments.

2. Take a flu shot

For people whose body immunity is slow to repeal external antibodies, it is important to take a flu shot much before the winter approaches. During the autumn months, get yourself injected with the anti-flu virus which acts as a protector of your body throughout the cold wintry days. Though a few people harbor reservations about this technique, it is indeed a safe way to avoid infections.

3. Use preventive measures

Prevention, as they say, is far better than cure. Thereby, you must use preventive measures in order to keep cold and flu at bay. Being communicable in nature, these diseases may be transferred by the most unintentional gesture of your hands, so it becomes vital to keep washing your hands every few hours. Keep a handkerchief or tissue handy so that you can sneeze into it. Also carry paper soap with you so that under no circumstances, do you have to compromise on the cleanliness factor.

4. Keep yourself hydrated

A cold and flu infection results into immediate dehydration of the body as the body begins to lose all its essential fluids through phlegm and mucus. So, it is important that you carry a water bottle wherever you go. Keep drinking as much fluid as possible. Go in for tea, coffee or fruit juice if you do not wish to consume plain water. This will surely keep the viruses away from you.

5. Get some sleep

There is no use tiring yourself out over the potential infections. Even if you have already been infected, get some sleep. This will give your body some time to relax, rejuvenate and thus fight with the infection in a healthy and strong manner. Moreover, ensure that you have a significant amount of disinfectant sprayed across your house, especially in the areas surrounding the bathroom and the kitchen, as it is generally through these places that the infections originate in a household.

6. Eat a healthy diet

Make sure that you eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet during such times. This will help your body build up a stealthy immune system, which is capable of warding off cold and flu infections. Inclusion of green leafy vegetables, fiber contingents and vitamins or mineral rich food in your regular diet is bound to reap immense benefits.

7. Consult your doctor

Whether you have been infected or not, ensure that you consult your doctor often during winters. As he/she is specifically aware of your body requirements, he/she will be in a better position to guide you towards safeguarding yourself and protecting others around you. Also, keep a good supply of medicines with you and whenever you see the initial symptoms of such infections appear, consume a medicine. This will help keep the infection in check before it multiplies and assumes massive proportions.

By following the tips mentioned above, it will be possible to keep cold and flu infections at bay from you. Moreover, these precautions will render an inevitable strength to your immune system which will not only help you sail through the winter season but will also protect you for all times.

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