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Chomp away: Iron rich foods for menopausal women

A good diet plays an important role for every woman during menopause. Ovaries produce the hormone estrogen. The absence or decline of estrogen cause changes in bone health, memory levels, hormones, heart health and urinary tract. Adding wholesome iron rich foods in your diet will help you in dealing with this phase of life.

Red meat

Meat has a high content of iron. Red meat and sausages are highly rich in iron. It is very good especially for menopausal women as it has the high iron substance in the food.


Red meat foods are highly encouraged for menopausal women at least in small quantities regularly, which will help to increase the absorption of iron. These meat products are widely available at all branded stores on all seasons under hygienic conditions. You can prepare by baking mutton (livers) and serving with toast.


This high iron rich food is very good for women of all age groups. The iron content in lamb chop is 2.1 mg 3 oz.

Iron rich chicken liver

Chicken liver has heme iron and can be added regularly in your diet. It is highly recommended for menopausal women because of the high content of iron in liver. It enhances iron absorption that helps to stay away from the common menopause symptoms like fatigue, nausea and tiredness.


3 oz of chicken liver has 8 mg of iron. It is taken as an alternate to meat foods, which one serving a day is better. Just like meat products chicken liver is commonly available in all seasons at the branded food stores. You can prepare chicken liver toast by baking, thy served with marinated tomato salad.


It is one of the top iron rich foods. It is highly recommended for menopausal women (14-51 years age group) on daily basis.

Iron rich oyster

With taking adequate iron rich foods like oyster in your daily diet, you can keep up high energy point during menopause. The rich iron content helps to raise the level of estrogen in your body.


You can take oyster in the form of cocktail, which serves as the best appetizer for all foods. There is 7.8 mg – 3 oz of oyster. With taking in the form of cocktail with lemon juice, a rich content of vitamin C helps to stay active, without fatigue or tiredness. Oysters are available in all seasons. Eating the recommended measure of 7.8 mg per day will prove great benefits for menopausal women of age groups between 14-50 years.


Oyster is one of the delicious iron rich foods that help to keep a strong immune system for menopausal women. The heme iron content in oyster serves as the best supplement for menopausal women.


Egg is the rich source of protein, vitamins and iron. It is necessary for menopausal women to take at least one egg a day. The iron value present in 2 large eggs is 1.2 mg. Though it comes under non-heme foods, it helps to keep up a healthy balanced diet.

Side effects in non heme foods (meats, chicken liver, egg, oyster)

Side effects like nausea, vomiting, dark stools or constipation can cause at the start but it is corrected by taking small amounts of meat food and then you can increase to the recommended amount, per serving a day. It is necessary to work out regular exercises for burning the calorie content. If any of side effects continues to stay, then it is better to stop and can seek medical advice.

Soaked beans

This is the one of the rich non-heme iron food, which are taken by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Beans contain iron inhibitors-phytic acid that slow down the absorption process. With soaking overnight, the iron content in beans gradually increases that will lessen the effect of phytic acid. It is the best nutritious diet for menopausal women.


Cooked ¾ cup of white beans has 5.8 mg of iron, while the cooked red kidney beans contain 3.9 mg and soy beans contain 3.4 of iron for a normal ¾ cup. Combining soaked beans with vitamin – C rich foods will serve in a great way to keep up a strong immune system.


The soaked beans requires cooking before adding to regular meals. The rich iron and fiber content in cooked beans will help you to continue a tired free day cycle during the menopause. It is actually a low-calorie iron rich food.

Side effects

The cooked beans prove very less side effects. If you are a new starter, you can start with small quantities. It is necessary to see to that you take at least ¾ cups of beans in your daily food menu.


Grains contain a very good iron content. They are available in form of grain cereals in market. It helps to support high energy levels especially before and after menopause. With consuming overnight soaked grains, you can stay away from iron deficiencies like anemia.


Raisin bran has 3.8 mg of iron per cup. Cheerios and special-k contain around 8.7 to 8.9 mg of iron per cup. These foods are available in all food stores.


It acts as a best energy giving food that you can stay active for long hours. Taking one to three serving a day for menopausal women will help to keep up healthy skin, nails and hair.

Side effects

There are very less side effects in taking whole grain as breakfast cereals. It is highly recommended for women of all age groups.

Baked potatoes

Potatoes hold high iron content when baked wholly with skin. The skin of potato serves as a rich iron and fiber source to the body. When taken during the menopausal period, it helps to sustain the energy levels of the menopausal women.


It can be baked with the skin and not fried. Potato baked with skin has 2.7 mg of iron. It is taken with regular meals during the mornings or evenings. It is necessary to take a limited proportion as per your regular diet.


Nuts like cashew, pistachio, almonds, walnut and pecan hold high iron contents. They are taken in wholesome form or by adding in the form of seasoning to the regular meals. These nuts help to keep up a healthy body and skin. The regular intake of nuts will result to have a soft glowing skin, a sign of rich iron contents is present in the body.


¼ cup of cashew has 1.7 mg of iron, while pistachio has1.4 mg and almonds has 1.2 mg of iron. You can take a recommended amount of ¼ cup regularly in your diet. It is highly good for the groups between 14 to 50 years.

Fresh vegetables act as iron absorption enhancers

Vegetables like Brussels sprouts, tomato, potato, tomato juice, broccoli, cabbage, green and red peppers are highly rich in iron. They act as a great anti ageing nutrient and helps in forming hemoglobin.

The menopausal women who have iron deficiency symptoms like shortness of breath, frequent headache should make it a point to add at least 15 grams of iron rich vegetables in their daily diet.


Drinking adequate water or vegetables in the form of salads or soups are highly nutritious, which it adds rich fiber content. It is necessary to take in three to five serving of fresh vegetables in your daily diet.

Fresh fruits

Fruits like orange juice, orange, strawberry, cantaloupe, grape fruits, etc are the best iron absorption enhancing fruits. It is necessary for menopausal women to take in two to four servings of iron rich foods in their daily diet.


You can feel a new rejuvenation with regular intakes of fruit juices. They are the real energy source, which is very necessary for women between 14-50 years. Make sure you don’t add sugar to the juice, as it increases the caloric value in your diet.

White wine

White wine, which is also one of iron absorption enhancer is very much necessary for menopausal women. It will help in a great way to cut the symptoms especially before and after menopause. It is available in all seasons and should be taken in limited proportions. With combining with your normal diet they serve as the best iron rich drink.

Iron rich foods are necessary to keep up skin, nails, hair and healthy cells. It acts an anti ageing nutrient during and after menopause as menopause comes with getting old. It is not a disease or a closing stage of womanhood. It is an unavoidable phase, which you can approach in a comprehensive way by including these iron rich foods.

Make it a point to take up a balanced meal in your daily food habits. This will help in a great way especially before and after menopause.

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