Children’s Health Guide

7 Common pneumonia symptoms in a child which one must know

Pneumonia, the silent killer, is often misguided and misinterpreted owing to its similarity with the symptoms of common cold or flu. It refers to an infection affecting the lungs which can result from a variety of micro-organisms including bacteria, virus

Best sources of essential fiber for growing children

One of the most vital and inevitable elements of a child’s diet is the inclusion of the correct quantum of essential fiber to it so as to ensure his overall healthy growth and development in the most crucial years of his early life which would lay a stro

Yoga poses to improve your child’s concentration

Yoga is one of the most holistic approaches to attain physical strength, mental stability and spiritual enlightenment. In a world of constant distractions, it is necessary to achieve mental balance for better concentration and enhanced reflexes. Children

Summer recipes with vitamin E for kids

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient essential for the growth and development of children. It is an anti-oxidant and help cells from getting damaged by free radicals which later lead to cancer and heart diseases in the children. Often kids do not get enough

9 Best sources of dietary minerals for children

Minerals are vital part of diet which have major role in various biological activities occurring in the cells and tissues of body. Besides, they also have tier role in maintaining immunity as well as health of cardiovascular systems. There are almost 60 m

Healthy recipes for your little one’s school lunch

Growing children need a lot of nutrients. They also need energy and strength. They are prone to falls and injuries during games which means that they put quite some pressure on the body resources and on the repair mechanism. One good way to keep your chil

Yummy calcium rich summer desserts for kids

Desserts are an essential part of a complete meal. Children should be encouraged to eat desserts which are rich in calcium because the latter is needed for the proper growth of the child. Lack of calcium would lead to weaker bones and the child could beco

High energy foods for school going children

Children are always active utilizing their energy in multiple activities. They are involved in activities that require high energy levels to be maintained like playing games in school, or attending a hobby class after school. These kids use more energy pe

9 Reasons why fish oils are essential for growing children

Fish oil is a nutritional supplement generally acknowledged as fish oil vitamins. Omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oil vitamins are vital fatty acids essential to be included in the diet. They are portion of the fat in food that is taken from a balance

Strategies to manage the behavior issues of an autistic child

Autism is a condition that affects the brain and nervous system of a child in the first three years of life. In other words, children who are autistic have a different way of looking at the world. Their perceptions of minor things differ as well. These ch

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