Best home remedies for relief and treatment of measles

Measles is a contagious disease with cold, fever and pink spots over the body as its symptoms.Caused by the virus paramyxo, measles attack children the most because they are prone to not following proper hygiene and cleaning habits, and are still developing immunity. However, measles is easy to treat at home through simple DIY remedies. Let us have a complete insight into the home remedies available.

Take complete rest

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Measles make you feel tired all the time along with fever and sore throat. The best way is to take lots of rest as it will provide you energy and boost up your immune system so that it easily fights the disease. Proper rest will also help in reduction of the measles symptoms.

Drink barley water

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Including barley water in your diet will help you get rid of vitamin A deficiency. Once the deficiency is cured, you will notice that measles has stopped spreading over the body. All you need to do is soak few tablespoons of barley in water for 2-3 hours and then separate water from barley. Drink this water twice or thrice every day and very soon, you will get rid of measles.

Include thyme in your diet

thyme in your diet

Thyme is an excellent medicine for curing several diseases including measles. You can use thyme in soups and even add thyme oil. This will help in soothing the throat and reduce the pink spots and rashes. You can also add thyme to tea as it is beneficial in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body.

Use turmeric powder and basil leaves

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Turmeric powder and basil leaves are helpful in getting rid of symptoms caused by measles. You need to extract juice from the basil leaves and mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder. Consuming the mixture will deliver you recovering symptoms from measles.

Eat butter and sugar candy


You must give 2 tablespoons of mixture of butter and sugar candy to the person suffering from fever due to measles. This mixture effectively helps in reducing the fever and other symptoms of measles.

Drink lots of water

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Water keeps you hydrated all the time and drinking plenty of water during the day can help you fight measles thereby recovering at the earliest. Water is also the best way to lower down body’s temperature and enables you to breathe well by protecting the respiratory system.

The DIY home remedies are the best and convenient methods to ease the measles patients by healing the disease naturally. If these home remedies are included in the everyday schedule, there will be a rapid increase in the recovery process.

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