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Chances of missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test?

Hello friends!I am 26 years old and married for two years.I wanted to conceive one year back but I had some complications which resulted in my miscarriage.I wish to become a mother soon and I am getting all the signs of early pregnancy.Two days back I

Labia Majora cancer causes?

Hello everyone I want to share my story here with all of you.I am 32 years old.I am vulvar cancer patient and having a first satge of labia majora cancer.My doctor is advicing me to have an operation.I an a mother of one child and I want to k

Dental braces: Requirement, risks, and preparation

Brushing our teeth every morning is a part of our routine. No matter how busy we are or how our mood is, we never forget to brush; some of us even practice this habit at nights too. Taking care of our teeth is an integral part to keep ourselves healthy an

Stretch Marks: Do away with them

If you have stretch marks, you know exactly how ugly they look on your smooth skin. Not only does it makes your skin look patchy, but also keeps you away from wearing certain dresses. Experts say that one of the main reasons for stretch marks is rapid g

Parent needs to know about college depression

Now a days, college depression is widespread problem among youngsters. Understanding and helping your teenage child to make the emotional switch to college can be a tough task. You will need to know how you can identify the troubles of your child and make

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