Stretch Marks: Do away with them

Stretch Marks

If you have stretch marks, you know exactly how ugly they look on your smooth skin. Not only does it makes your skin look patchy, but also keeps you away from wearing certain dresses. Experts say that one of the main reasons for stretch marks is rapid gaining and losing of weight. It happens when your skin is not moisturized enough while expanding or shrinking in response to weight gain or loss. That is one reason why most of the pregnant women end up with stretch marks all over the body. In fact a number of teens experience stretch marks as well as their body undergo sudden changes when the steroid hormone spurts up. Stretch marks could also be genetic. Chances are that if your mother has had it, then you will end up having them too.

Getting rid of stretch marks
Stretch marks can be treated when they are at an early stage. Hence, treat them as soon as you spot them. In their initial stage, stretch marks mostly appear to be pink or slightly purple in color. While you can find a number of products available in the market to treat them but there is not everything that works. We get a reality check.

1. Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil is obtained from the wheat grain. Though there is no scientific data to support the claim that wheat germ oil can treat stretch marks, yet there have been cases where people have found it useful in managing their stretch marks.

Price: 16oz for about $4 to $19

2. Use of Glycolic acid

This is an expensive method of treating stretch marks as it might cost you as high, apart from your dermatologist visit. Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and has a member of alpha hydroxide acid. This treatment works on stretch marks by increasing collagen production of your skin.

Price: Glycolic acid treatment might cost you approximately $100

3. Use of vitamin C

It is obtained from citric fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C has the capacity of increasing collagen production in your skin, resulting in control of stretch marks. It can work wonders if used as your stretch marks begin to appear. For best results, you can combine both glycolic acid and vitamin C supplements. The suggestion is 500 milligram thrice a day.

Price: Approximately $1 to $30

4. Peptide containing products

These products are an absolute waste of time and money as these highly marketed products do not work.

Price: A minimum cost of $300

5. Using retinoids

Retinoids help in increasing the collagen and elastic production of your skin and is useful in dealing with stretch marks in their initial stage. But women who are pregnant or are nursing must avoid these products. Glycolic acid and retinoids can be applied together as well. There have been studies that have proved that retinoids play an important role in visibly reducing stretch marks. Applying retinoids first before applying glycolic acid will rev up your skin.

Price: A 20 grams cream might cost you approximately $75

6. Laser treatment

Laser treatment can take care of stretch marks both at its initial stage as well as at a later stage. Laser has the capacity to endorse synthesis of new healthy collagen into your skin that has damaged with the stretching of your skin.
Vascular laser targets swollen and inflamed blood vessels by increasing skin cell production and collagen production. This treatment requires a few sessions to cure the problem completely. Fractionated laser works wonders in minimizing older stretch marks. This treatment hits tiny fractions of skin in a grid like pattern. It smudges the lines of these marks making them less distinct.

Price: Approximately $200 per session

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