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Amazing, helpful gadgets that want to assist your full night’s sleep

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Sleep is an essential part of life. Proper sleep is important for a healthy body and mind. However due to many reasons some of us do not get proper sleep. This can lead to several diseases and problems. There are some smart gadgets which can help you overcome this problem.

  1. Nora


The snoring of your partner can be a cause of your lack of sleep. Nora helps your partner get rid of snoring so that you can sleep better. You can use any pillow and can sleep in any position and there is no need of any electronic gadgets. When Nora detects early snoring it moves the head with the help of a silent pump. This helps in relaxing the throat muscles and one can breathe normally.

  1. Beddit


With the help of Beddit you can track your sleep,heart rate and breathing. All you need to do is place the Beddit sensor in your bed sheet.This sensor keeps a track of your sleep so that you know in the morning your sleep record.Beddit gives you your sleep score which helps you understand how you have fared. The sleep details helps you know if you are on the right track. You do not need to wear any gadgets.

  1. Smart mattress cover

Smart mattress cover

Luna is a smart mattress cover which automatically tracks your sleep. This data is then sent to the Luna app and the devices in your home which are connected by the internet. This mattress helps in adjusting the settings of lights,music and all other devices connected by the internet so that you get a peaceful sleep. Similarly, the smart mattress by the name of Eight also track’s your sleep and integrates with all the devices in your house which are connected by the internet.

  1. Ayo


This gadget uses an advanced technology which adjusts your hormone levels with the help of specialised lighting solutions.This gadget is useful in improving your sleep and keeps you energised. Ayo helps in getting over jet lag. Ayo is in the form of smart compact glasses which have special lighting solutions which can be controlled with your smartphone.

  1. Sleep phones wireless

Sleep phones wireless

These are comfortable and bed-friendly headphones for your ears.These are slim,soft and machine washable head-bands. You can listen to soothing and relaxing music,audio books,nature sounds etc. These cord free headphones can be paired with ease with the help of Bluetooth. These eco-friendly headphones make use of lead-free electronics. The speakers can be adjusted as per the head shape. These are best for those who suffer from insomnia, jet lag, tinnitus etc. You can use it as a music therapy or block snoring and even for general listening.

  1. Chrona

smart pillows

These are smart pillows which make use of low-frequency sound waves for better sleep. You simply need to place Chrona in your pillow case. This clever gadget help in tracking your sleep pattern and helps in understanding factors that may be affecting your sleep pattern. Based on the details that you get through this smart gadget you can bring about improvements in your sleep by making changes in your lifestyle.

  1. Boditrack


This bed detects the pressure from your body and adjusts itself accordingly. Boditrack are smart beds that evenly distribute themselves. As a result, you get a good sleep at night irrespective of how often you change your sleep positions.Boditrack has pressure sensing fabric and computer controlled support chambers.

These smart gadgets help in detecting your sleep patterns so that you can make required changes that will help you get better sleep. They not only help you understand your sleeping habits but also help in enhancing your sleep.