Aging: Help, Support and Overcome

Aging Overview

Aging is a very well known concept. Everyone knows what it is, but not everyone can easily and adequately define it. To put it simply, aging can be easily defined as a biological process in which living things grow older. This, in many cases, is closely related to a process tending towards expiration. It is a perfectly normal process which cannot be avoided.


From the moment a human being is born (this also applies to other living things), the process of aging starts. No one is exempt from this process. The best that anyone can do is to slow down the process or try to do what is commonly called ‘aging gracefully’. Generally, the process of aging usually obeys the law of diminishing returns. A new born baby has little or no developed abilities and can, therefore. not do much. As the baby grows older (or ages), it develops more abilities as different parts of its body develops and grows into what we call ‘maturity’.


At the point of maturity, human beings usually still keep experiencing physiological changes. The only difference now is that these changes are more or less changes in the negative direction. From the picture painted above, we can see that the human body gets to a peak, then begins to lose vitality and a whole lot of other things. Physically, certain obvious changes are seen in the human body. These include sagging of the skin as it loses its elasticity, lose of agility, degrading vision, and a general tendency to fall ill as the body’s immune system loses its bite.


It is for all of the above reasons (and more not stated) that people generally look for ways to slow down the aging process. No one wants to grow old but unfortunately everyone must grow old so people settle for the next best thing they can, which is not looking old.

Help and Support for Aging

For all those who are looking for ways to slow down the aging process or its effects, there are a few proven ways of achieving this. Let’s look at some of these.


First, eat right. Eating the perfect balance of nutrients ensures that your body processes are healthy and normal. Certain conditions common with aging and in aged persons can be avoided entirely or at least brought down to a minimum level when a proper diet is taken.


The second very important thing to do is exercise. Exercising correctly and regularly ensures, amongst other things, that the human heart works well. It also ensures that the body muscles are well toned and this helps the skin look firmer. There are, of course, other health benefits to exercising regularly.


The third thing, that many would not recommend, is cosmetic treatment. A lot of people use anti-aging creams to help firm the skin. This is basically the most a chemical or cosmetic treatment can do for a person unless the individual wants to go for surgical treatments which would also be for the skin. It could be on the face, stomach etc.

Overcome Aging

It would really be nice to come up with ways or at least one way of overcoming aging. Unfortunately, aging is not something that can be overcome. It is a natural process that cannot be reversed. The best anyone can do is ‘age gracefully’ and to do this, one just needs to eat right and exercise properly.


Aging is not a disease, it is a natural biological process that starts the moment a child is born. It is irreversible. Accepting the irreversibility of the process of aging helps us take the right steps to, at the least, age gracefully.

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