A New Study On Bananas Vs Sports Drinks Reveals What Works Better For Your Health


Times are changing, and sports are becoming more and more commercialized. Athletes have started to rely more on sports drinks and energy bars to keep topping up their energy requirements. While some of these products may be genuinely useful, a major chunk of them is only targeted towards making money. A good substitute for sports drinks is bananas. A study on bananas vs sports drinks has proved the former to be better in terms of nourishment, especially in the long run. Since bananas are now known to have an upper hand over sports drinks, it is nothing but wise to rely on them instead of synthetic products. Given below is a detailed comparison between bananas and sports drinks, which one is better and how.

 What Is The Role Of Sports Drinks In Sports?


As is common knowledge, sportspersons are constantly required to keep their performance at peak. Many companies are working towards providing reliable means to athletes and sportspersons in order to keep their stamina going and to improve their performance.

This is why they have come up with sports drinks which claim to provide the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and sugar. Although they prove to be beneficial in a number of cases, for the most part, they are just flavored sugary drinks. 

What Role Do Bananas Play As Far As Sports Is Concerned?


Bananas are known to contain energy-providing contents like potassium, vitamin B6 fiber, and sugar – just in the right quantities required. Bananas are better than sports drinks in many aspects. Many of us keep wondering why are bananas better than sports drinks.Here is why:

Bananas prove to be an excellent source of energy as far as sports is concerned. Also, many athletes are currently diverting to the use of bananas than sports drinks to supplement their workouts and practice session. 

The Study On Bananas Vs Sports Drinks:


Lately, a research was carried out in Appalachian State University’s Human Performance Lab which concluded that bananas are better able to enhance the performance of sportsperson than energy drinks.

In this study, two cyclists were given half a cup of energy drink and half a banana respectively and their performance was monitored.

The cyclist who consumed a banana performed better and healed faster from his fatigue than the one who didn’t. 

Why Are Bananas Better Than Sports Drinks?


According to a study on bananas vs sports drinks, bananas have proved time and again that they can beat sports drinks, anytime and any day. They are inexpensive, readily available, and easy to carry. However, their advantages scale far better heights than this.

The very fact that the bananas are naturally produced and have in them the perfect blend of nutritional requirements necessary to keep a sportsperson going. Many people do complain of bloating by bananas, but this issue can be resolved with proper guidance and dietary instruction. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Bananas Over Sports Drinks?


So, why are bananas better than sports drinks? Here are listed some of the reasons why bananas are better than sports drinks:

  • Bananas are easier to carry than a bottle of energy drink. This is why, as per a study on bananas vs sports drinks, runners and cyclists are advised to carry a few bananas with them to consume every fifteen minutes.
  • The perfect ratio and combination of antioxidants, minerals, potassium, sugar, vitamin B6, and fibers and electrolytes can only be found in naturally occurring bananas and not man-made sports drinks.
  • Sports energy drinks are more expensive than bananas – which don’t cost you bomb, is light on the pocket, and are easily available.
  • An athlete who fuels his/her workout sessions with bananas instead of sports drinks – which are nothing but chemically flavored sugar water – is more likely to perform better at sports and recover quicker from the fatigue than someone who relies more on carbohydrate sports drinks. Thus, bananas are better than sports drinks on almost all levels. 


The purpose of this write-up is not to let down companies who manufacture sports energy drinks, but to show why are bananas better than sports drinks. It is also to bring to light the long-term disadvantages of these synthetic products.

True that, given the excessive use of insecticides, even fruits and vegetables are not completely devoid of chemicals. Having said that, fruits are more likely to provide nutritional benefits to the human body than a completely synthetic commercial product.

In cases where an individual may be allergic to bananas, or other such medical condition, sports drinks may be used. However, now we do have a study on bananas vs sports drinks that has proved that consuming bananas has better health effects on the human body than sports drinks. It is high time that athletes and even regular people resort to bananas than such drinks as multiple scientifically backed studies now say that bananas are better than sports drinks.

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