9 Exercises to prevent Runner’s Knee

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We focus immensely on the form and fitness as individuals. But often in the goal of pushing ourselves too hard or due to not having a sufficient exercise regime, we tend to develop some structural issues. Here in this article we will address one such issue which is runner’s knee and tell you about the exercises to prevent runner’s knee. These are your go to exercises in case you are affected by this problem or else you can still perform these knee stretches for a better form and for prevention purposes.

Some simple exercises to prevent runner’s knee

1.     Side Leg Lifts

    Side Leg LiftsThis is a very effective exercise be it to prevent runner’s knee or as a part of the recovery routine. Here you need to rest your head over your right hand while you let your left hand be on your hips or on the floor to support the body. You can start this off by initially lying on the right side with straitened legs on top of each other. Once you are steady on the posture, lift the top leg upwards as much as is comfortable and then lower it back. This process can be repeated around 10 times before you change sides and continue.

2.     The fire hydrant

To perform this exercise you need to be on all fours and your weight needs to be supported by your knees with your hands supporting your weight on the floor. Once you have attained this posture, raise your knees to the side. Have the knees flexed at around 90 degrees and then get it back to its original position. This can be repeated for about 15 times and then you can switch the sides.

3.     Glute Bridges

Glute-BridgesA very potent exercise among the exercises to prevent runner’s knee, Glute bridges can be performed by simply lying on your back and by keeping the arms at your sides. Have the feet flat and the knees bent somewhat like forming a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Press onto the ground with your heels and allow the glutes to stabilize the body weight. Hold this position for about 2 seconds and go on to repeat the entire procedure for 10 times at least.

4.  Knee stability exercise

If you are bothered by the runner’s knee problem try having stable knees by performing this simple exercise. Stand on one leg on a raised platform and then try reaching towards the swinging leg and also your heels on the ground. Afterwards reach backwards and perform the same only this time you will be reaching for the ground behind you. Have at least ten repetitions and three sets of this exercise on a regular basis.

5.     Bird dog

Bird-dog-excerciseFew of the home exercise we will be telling you about, are as easy as this to be performed. You simply need to be on all fours and raise the left knee off the ground alongside your right hand. The right arm can be extended in front of the body and the left leg can be stretched behind the body. Balance is extremely crucial in this exercise and the position you form needs to be maintained for 2 seconds. Repeat the entire procedure for 10-15 times for the best results.

6.  Before you start

Always remember to check with your doctor before you start off on your exercise regime. This just is a precaution so that you don’t cause yourself injuries in the process of exercising and getting to know if the exercises are personally suitable for you.

7.     IT band foam rolling

IT-band-foam-rolling-excerciseStart off this exercise by being on your sides and place your hip such that it is placed above the foam roller but just below the hip joint. Your hands can help you maintain a stable balance while you try to stack your legs. Once this posture has been formed, roll downwards towards the knees and be careful to stop before your roller reaches your knees. Once you are done with this, roll back up and continue repeating the process for about 5-10 times before switching sides.

8.     The low lunge

This is among the most important of all the knee stretches we told you about. While performing the low lunge ensure that you are standing with you feet apart. Step forward using the left leg and then bend at your knees and get into the low lunge position. While this is being done, your right leg should be extended such that it is straight behind the body. Maintain this position and then lean downwards to touch the ground with your fingertips on either side of your feet. The position needs to be held for a good ten minutes and then you can go back to the original position. Before you switch sides, repeat this for about 2 to 3 times.

9.     Hip-flexor Stretch


A hit among the exercises to prevent runner’s knee, this exercise is easy to perform at home. Take your left foot in front of body while keeping the right knee on the grounds. Perform this in such a way that your knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Make an effort to push the hips ahead towards the left knee and let your body absorb the feel of the stretch of the muscles. This position needs to be held for about 20 seconds before the legs can be switched. Four repetitions on both sides are mandatory for the best results.

10.     Leg swings

Stand next to a wall so that you can maintain balance and then swing the right leg outwards in front and then backwards. This forms a swinging motion but while you do this exercise make sure that you do not swing beyond your comfort zone as that might result in injuries. You can do around 15 leg swings in each direction and change legs when one gets weary. If performed correctly this is an essential part of the recovery routine from runner’s knee.

Final words

Having a runner’s knee comes with a bagful of problems. These exercises to prevent runner’s knee will address quite a handful of those. You don’t need to hit the gym or a fancy club for this home exercise and you can easily take some time out of your schedule and work on these for better relief or prevention. We want a healthier version of you and we hope these lead you there.

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