8 Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Your Fitness Tracker

Its summer now and the days are getting longer. This gives you more time to work on your fitness and go out for a run. So, have you got yourself your fitness tracker yet? Let me tell you one thing, just getting a stylish tracker won’t bring many changes. You need to work hard to get yourself in shape. Moreover, your fitness tracker has a lot of features apart from keeping a track of the number of steps taken throughout the day. There are ways you can get most out of it.

You need to get the right tracker:

Getting the right tracker is important. There are many types of fitness tracker in the market, each one with different features and specialty. You will need to evaluate them carefully according to your requirement. We use one hand more dominantly than the other. This could send your tracker in confusion due to the extra activity that our dominant hand performs. So, in the dashboard of your tracker, let it know where hand you are putting it. This way it will be able to adjust its sensitivity accordingly. Many trackers have the facility to record your height and weight and your health goals. Based on the information given, the relevant activities are suggested to help you reach your goal.

Set small goals after tracking data:

Now, the idea is to wear the tracker and track your basic activities. Suppose it says in the sedentary lifestyle you walk 3,000 steps, you can set a small goal of 4,000 steps a day for beginning and then gradually work on increasing it. Make it a habit of checking in with the data of your tracker every day. This will keep you motivated and you will know how closer or how far away you are from your goal, and how much more you need to work.

Compete with friends:

tracking data

Some trackers give you an option of comparing your activities with your friend. This keeps you competitively active. This tracker will keep you active and on track in an urge to stay few steps and calories ahead of your friend. The trackers show a hundred steps below and over sometimes. For a runner, it hardly matters. However, if you are looking for perfection, then remember a fitness tracker is not a right device. These are good for tracking the density of your activity. Your sleep can also be measured by a fitness tracker:

Some trackers even track your sleep but remember it even needs to be charged as well. Hence, night is the best time when you can charge it. So, during night time when you charge it, you can’t track the amount of sleep you have taken during that phase.

Regarding sync with the third party:

Some trackers can also be synced with the third party app which counts your calories. The activities you have done throughout the day and the calories that you have burnt can be easily tracked in this app. Set alarms if you have a sedentary lifestyle, set alarm on your tracker to remind you to walk, and also for drinking water. Remember, you can also set alarm for recharging your tracker.

Some trackers perform various activities in different situations. If you haven’t reached your goal, it sends a message to your telephone, reminding you that; and some devices even send messages to your phone asking you to turn off your Phillips hue lights when it senses that you are asleep. Cool right? A fitness health tactic by using a fitness tracker

Some trackers also track your diet. So, a balance of calorie gained and calorie loss is well maintained in the tracker, giving you an idea on how much more workout you need or how much more calorie you need to cut off. A fitness tracker is more like your fitness instructor

In some trackers, you can even find workout tips which can benefit you while you exercise. Keep tracking your progress, it motivates to do better.

Limitations of a Fitness Tracker

Suggestions from the trackers can definitely help you in incorporating healthier habits but it is important to know that these devices have certain limitations too. So, before buying fitness tracker just read its manual carefully.

So, above mentioned are some of the important tit-bits of a fitness tracker, which would certainly help you to take a confirmed decision, before buying this device.

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