8 – Popular myths about heart rate debunked

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Before you know the myths about heart rate, you should know what heart rate all about is. Heart pulses in per minute determine the number of times of heart rate. Well, heartbeat influences the fitness level, emotions, activity level, and medication and body size. When your heart is at rest, it takes 60 to 100 beats in per minute. When you exercise, the heart rate goes up because the heart pumps more oxygen for enough physical activity. If a person is suffering from cardiovascular disease, then you should keep in mind your heart rate and perform any physical activity. Pulse also helps you decide what your heart rate is. Place two fingers on the wrist on an artery, which is below the thumb. You need to count the beats for at least 15 seconds and then multiply the count by 4 and you will get an exact number of heart beats per minute.

Myths mislead the fact on heart rate

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Myths about health are innumerable. In most cases, people have myths about heart rate. Sometimes these myths take you away from the fact. Therefore, one should concentrate on the real things and do not consider the myths.

One should not overthink about heart-related problems and take random suggestions from people. An expert heart specialist can give you the real information and scientific facts on heart rate. Stay happy and tension free, and you will feel that your heart will also be happy in the long run. A happy heart increases your lifespan.

Myths do no good to you

The myths can create a lot of confusion. A high pulse is not good and low heartbeat is a sign of a weak heart are some kinds of myths that people have in their mind. People do not have the correct knowledge and transfer the wrong message from one person to another. Hence, the myths go in a circle and come back without doing much good. 

Today, let’s debunk the myths about heart rate and clear all our confusions:

1.    Heart Rate increases when blood pressure increases

blood pressureHeart rate and Blood pressure are linked together. But, it does not mean that if your heart rate rises, then your blood pressure will rise. So, do not panic when your blood pressure rises, because that does not mean your heart rate will increase instantly. Some people have problem with high blood pressure, but live life without any heart disease.

2.    Women heart beats faster than men

The heart beats between men and women are different. During physical activity, the heartbeat in a man changes fast. But, when the exercise finishes, then heartbeat takes less time to go back normal. The heart size in women is small. In order to get blood in the entire body, it needs a lot of hard work. Sex hormone like testosterone also plays an important role.

3. Per Minute 60 To 100 Heart Beats

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In cardiovascular disease, if the resting heartbeat is high than 76, then it is risky. So, you should consult your heart specialist to know the exact heartbeat of a normal person. It will help you to live a life risk-free. A doctor is the right person to advice you the right heartbeat. Always follow his or her words and stop all your confusions.

4. Pulse and Heart Beat

Palpitation means fast heartbeat. It seems that your heart is bursting out of your chest. You experience pounding feelings. But, you should not panic that you are getting a heart attack. Palpitation occurs due to alcohol, tension, and caffeine, a palpitation from heart failure is possible, but it also causes tightness and dizziness.

Both high pulse and low pulse is bad. If an old patient suffering from heart disease, then low blood pressure is tricky.  Therefore, older patients need to take extra attention to their heartbeat and pulse rate.

5. The time of measurement

heart rateIt is one of the popular myths about heart rate. You can take the measurement any time. No, that is not true. Do not take the measurement of a heartbeat after exercise. You should take the measurement when you are relaxing, and your legs are not crossed. That time you will get the actual heart rate.

6. Weak heart because the heartbeat is low

A slow heart rate is a sign of a good and healthy heart. The slow rate of the heart is only bad when you have other symptoms like dizziness, chest pain or short breathe. If there is no such problem, then you can easily stay cool and calm.

7. Know baby’s gender with fetal heart rate

Woman waiting babyYou can determine the sex of a baby by knowing the fetal heart rate. The myth also says that if the heartbeat is more than 140 beats in per minute, then it is a girl. If it is lower, then it is a boy. It is not a valid point, and this myth does not hold any accuracy.

8. Burn more fat with higher heart rate

HIIT workout burns a ton of calories. But, the myth is not at all true in a real sense. If you perform a steady workout of 45 to 60 per heart rate, then it burns your fat.  So, when you maintain a heart rate at this level, then only you can burn fatter. 

Final Words

We have attempted to clear all the popular myths related to heart rate. However, if you have another that is not in the list, it’d be best option to consult with your doctor. You can also Google the same and learn some more scientific facts about heart rate and then take the forward step. But, beware, its people like us who generate such myths, so try not creating do any imagination about the disease. It will not do any good. So, stay happy, stay healthy.

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