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7 Unusual products to aid arthritis

Over $50 billion is lost every year from income in US because of arthritis related disabilities. This disability is the result of severe pain, which is the general symptom of arthritis. The only way to get rid off the stinging pain is the restricted use of the affected joint. Doctors and therapists often advise arthritis patients to use various aids or handy helps like button puller, especially designed kitchen and gardening tools etc. These aids help in avoiding the usage of affected body joints and related muscles. We have listed 7 different helping aids designed specially for people with arthritic disabilities. Hope, they will bring back painless mobility in your life.

1. PETA gardening tools

7 Unusual products to aid arthritis

7 Unusual products to aid arthritis

If you are an avid gardener and arthritis is keeping you away from weeding, hoeing or forking, then better check these gardening tools. Peta Arm Support Cuff and Easi-Grip make for a perfect supportive aid, in case your hands and wrists are suffering from arthritis pain. The supportive cuff strengthens forearm muscles. Plug it into the rear side of any compatible gardening tool and you won’t need to turn or twist your wrist at painful angles. Besides, if you like sitting on chair while gardening, you could use Peta Long-Reach tools too.

2. OXO International kitchen tools

7 Unusual products to aid arthritis

Nobody understands arthritis pain better than who has suffered it. Using even regular kitchen tools become very painful. OXO International has over 300 kitchen tools to overcome this pain. Sam Farber, the founder of the company, suffered from the pain and got inspired to design easy to handle kitchen knifes, bottle openers, peelers and many other tools. OXO International designs tools with resilient big size handles for an even distribution of weight and force across the grip. Besides, all spoons and measure cups come in large and contrasting markings to assist poor eyesight of elderly people.

3. Etac Uni-turner

7 Unusual products to aid arthritis

Turning or twisting knob or tap is severely painful in case of arthritis in finger or wrist. This universal turner aid or Uni-Turner makes the job easy. Ergonomic hexagonal shaped handle allows you to use both the hands. With this aid you can open tap, turn the oven regulator, door knob or even work with washing machine and dishwasher knobs. Lack of latex in the handle construction ensures no slippage.

4. Arthritis Gripping tool

7 Unusual products to aid arthritis

For gripping small objects we need to move fingers together closely. But the process is way beyond painful for arthritis patients. Adjustable gripping wrench proves to be a nice solution. People suffering from arthritis can use this aid with both the hands for proper adjustment and holding. Once the grip of the tool is firm you could do the rest easily without straining your wrist and fingers.

5. Deluxe socks aid, Kat health products

7 Unusual products to aid arthritis

With arthritis in knee and hip joint, people often find wearing socks is the most painful task. They fear hurting muscles and joints further, if they try to bend. With this aid, wear socks in 3 simple steps. Put the socks over the puller device. Place your foot inside the open socks and just pull up the cord attached with the device upside. No leaning, no bending and socks are on.

6. Locking raised toilet seat

Elevated toilet seat

People with arthritis in knee and hip joints, often feel it painful to use modern low height toilet seats. Physicians suggest 90°degree angle between your hip joint and knee for painless use of toilet. This toilet seat solves the problem. When clamped on normal toilet, it raises the height by 6 inches. There is no chance of displacement when in use, as it is clamped. The raised toilet seat also sports a pair of side handle bars for that additional support to relieve thigh muscles from stress.

7. Reach extender

Reach extender

Arthritis affects mobility. Even a slight movement of affected muscle and joint can result in severe pain. But with this aid, you can accomplish many jobs without leaving your sofa. This is an aluminum reach extender with a trigger on one end and finger like claws on the other. Whenever you need to get your remote control or other small objects, just use the claws to clamp onto the object and pull the trigger. Instead of simple claws you can use magnetic one too for the easy handling of steel or iron objects.

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