5 Ways to Reverse Summer Skin and Hair Damage

Sun safe

A glowing tan may hook you up to your mirror admiring your beauty, a little more of the sun may actually play a spoilsport. Sunlight is necessary, yes. But there is a limit to which even nature’s gifts may do well. Over exposure to sun may cause havoc to your delicate skin or silky tresses. Not only it makes the moisture reek out making it dry and lifeless; deterioration in their quality is obvious if you are paying no heed to your beautician’s advice of covering your hair and skin while stepping out. Advice apart, the fact of the matter is that may how many steps be taken to protect skin and hair from the harsh sun rays; it’s really hard to avoid exposure to it. Still, this is no excuse not to try reverse sun’s effects. It’s important not only for beauty, but also because once gone, it’s really hard to get the natural luster and shine back.

1. Don’t let the sun steal the glow

Take care of skin tan

You surely would have been advised numerable times about the benefits of sunscreens. It’s time to bring the theoretical knowledge to practical use and block the sun rays from causing damage to your skin. Be it summer or winter, sunscreen in your makeup kit is one thing that you can’t afford to let go. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you step out in the sun. Applying it immediately before you leave does not give it sufficient time to work and may lead to darkening. Follow this while you go for sun bath as well. It will protect you against wear and tear in the epidermal cells triggered by harmful UVA and UVB rays.

You can also try some home remedies to reverse its effects. Frozen and mashed red grapes work wonders on sun-burnt skin. You can also apply cold curd with a few drops of honey to help the skin get rid of that burning sensation.

2. Improves dry and damaged skin

High and dry

This is one of the most common problems. Even the healthiest of skin is not able to retain the moisture in sun and epidermal cells start becoming dry. Such skin has more chances of rashes, losing glow and developing wrinkles. One, don’t forget to use a good quality moisturizer on your skin. If your skin has a tendency of becoming dry then stop using any sort of chemical formulations on your face. You can use a mixture of gram flour, a few drops on honey and milk to clean your face when you return. Rose water will help nourish the skin. Take weekly massage using a moisturizing sun repair cream and drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated. Massage with sour cream and blueberry mash may also help rejuvenate your skin.

3. Keep your hair safe

Mane point!

Prolonged exposure to the sun may make your hair dry and brittle. Hair is made up of dead tissues; the flip side of this fact is that you may find it really hard to revitalize your hair once this dead tissue further deteriorates. Prevention is obviously the best possible trick available. Taking care of sun exposed hair is also a part of prevention. You need to nourish and treat your hair with products that are chemical free and gentle on hair. A concoction of coconut and vegetable oil mixed with almond, vanilla and chocolate extracts may help revitalize your hair. Apply this throughout the hair length and on the scalp. Leave for 20-25 minutes. When in hurry cold curd will come to your rescue, applies it on the hair 10 minutes before the wash every 3-4 days and your hair would be softer. All of these lessen the damage; make the tissue soft thus giving luster to hair.

4. Have happy feet


Strolling around bare feet may feel good but cracked heels, cuticle deposit around nails, bruised feet skin reveal about how easy it was on your feet. Fortunately, feet are one portion that responds well to the care showered on it after the harm. The more you care for it, the more it would get back to its delicate self. Make moisturizing your feet a habit. Dry looking feet need proper cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing. Once a week you can massage your feet with olive oil and dip them in lukewarm water for around 20 minutes. Not only this would help them relax but would also remove dirt and grime. Rinse the feet and moisturize them after wiping with a dry cloth. You can also make a concoction of a few ingredients that are beneficial for the feet and use it. One such recipe is to combine olive oil, crystallized honey and dark syrup; massage feet gently with it and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and moisturize.

5. Pimples on skin

Oil isn't well

Oily skin may sometimes disturb the balance of oil content when exposed to the sun. A few skin types secrete a lot of sebum in the sun thus making the skin look very oily and dark. It also leads to developing pimples and red spots in some cases. The best way to save your skin from this is to use a matte based cream. You can carry around a small bottle of rose water and dab your skin with it to remove extra sebum. Carry a gentle gel based face wash with you so that you could clean your face. If you have started developing pimples don’t touch them, rather cleaning would in itself reduce their formation.

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