10 Home remedies for allergies


Allergy is the quick reaction of the body when it gets in contact with some foreign particle. When there is alteration in the tissue and body reaction after some kind of exposure to an allergen it is said to an allergy. A person can be allergic to pollens, moisture, dust, animal hair, drugs, vaccines, poisonous plants, or some kind of foods like oranges, milk, tomatoes, eggs, etc. For this, natural treatment is usually preferred. It is said that home remedies can provide quick and long-term relief from the allergic reactions taking place. Some time, repeated use of drugs can create severe health problems because of which drugs are usually avoided by many people. Skin allergies on face, hand or leg are very common which you can simply cure by applying some kind of home remedy.

1. Avoid the Source of Allergies

In order to eliminate the allergy problem, the best thing you should do is eliminate the source which causes this problem. Though it is not easy, but it is very necessary to make sure that your health does not get affected. If your pets are the reason of your allergy, then try keeping them outside home or in some separate room. Stay away from dust plants, if you think you get allergy from such sources. Use a protection mask while entering the dust area.

2. Avoid Junk Food

Junk food can affect your body in many ways. Do not eat fried food or food which is cooked in the oil. If oil gets heated at the cooking temperature, it gets breakdown and becomes carcinogen which can make you allergic. Limit your intake in regards to beer, or white wine.

3. Treating Using Lime

Lime is the best source to treat allergy effectively. You can use it for any kind of allergy. Squeeze half of lime in lukewarm water and sweetened it by adding honey. You can take it once a day in the morning till you get good resistance to fight against this problem. This remedy flushes out the body toxins and also acts as anti-allergic agent.

4. Castor Oil

Some allergies are caused to upset in internal system. It is necessary to clean the system as much as possible. This will help to fight against problem of allergy. Castor oil is a traditional natural method to cure allergies. You can take it with vegetables or fruit juice or even with plain water in early morning. This improves the intestinal tract system and cleans the nasal passages.

5. Yoga

This Indian form of relation is said to be the best remedy for any kind of allergy. Perform Anuloma-Viloma or Yogamudra to treat the allergy problem effectively. Other than this, acupuncture and meditation can also cure the allergy problem on long-term basis.

7. Food Rich in Vitamin

Usually allergies are caused due to lack of vitamin in the body. Food rich in vitamin B5 and C helps to protect you from allergies. Have a regular intake of vitamin B5 which can provide you relief from the allergic problem.

8. Avoid Tea/Coffee

Consuming excess tea or coffee can make you prone to many allergic situations. Avoid having excess alcoholic beverages or colas. You should also lessen the intake of chocolates or any sweet producer like pastries. Milk and fish should never be consumed together as your body can immediately react to it. Preserved foods including preservative or some chemical flavorings must be avoided from the diet.

9. Fruits and Vegetables Juices

Consuming natural food and vegetables can solve most of your problems. Have a beet and cucumber juices with carrot juice. This can be advantageous in treating allergies. Having half a liter of mixed juice is also beneficial. You should consume it at least once a day.

10. Wash off Your Face

Sometimes, if you get up all of a sudden in the mid-night sneezing and coughing, it is due to allergy attack. You can have a hot shower to get rid of any pollen stuck up on your body. This can be also helpful for you, if you are sinus patient. Warm water can relax you quickly and you can get back to sleep. For itchy eyes, rinse it off with cool and fresh water to soothe them.

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