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Candida infection

Natural remedies for Candida infection

Candida infection

Many of us are aware that our body and our health are under constant threat from unseen enemies in the form varieties of microbes like, bacteria, virus, and yeasts. But our bodies are also host to some micro-organisms that are normally harmless and are even beneficial to us by limiting the growth of harmful microbes.

Candida albicans is a kind of yeast cell living as parasite in our body and they are harmless as long as their number is kept in check by beneficial microbes and the immune system of our body. Under some favorable conditions like our bodies and the immunity system getting weak due to illness or the beneficial bacteria destroyed by the use of antibiotics (as wide spectrum antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria alike), Candida cells multiply in number and soon the colonies of these yeast cells spread and the symptoms of Candidiasis will show up. Most common of the yeast infections manifest as oral infections (also called oral thrush) or as skin infections or vaginal yeast infections in case of women. In patients suffering from cancer, AIDS or transplants whose immunity is degraded due to medication or the disease, Candidas can infect systemically and can prove fatal.

Causes and symptoms of Candidiasis

In case of superficial yeast infections the condition can be easily controlled. But as this disease is caused by parasites which are already present in our body, some precautions reduce the chances of getting this fungal infection. The contributing factors for the infection are use of steroids, long term use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives and other drugs that compromise immunity or kill the beneficial bacteria in our body, high sugar diets, diabetes and lack of hygiene. The symptoms of the infection are visible in case of oral thrush, skin infections and vaginal infection by severe itch and red rashes. For other kinds of yeast infections there are many symptoms pointing to Candidiasis; weakness, joint pain, stomach pain, constipation, bloating, erectile dysfunction, and anxiety are chief among them.

Alternative treatments

Natural remedies for yeast infection offer a holistic relief rather than antibiotics and other drugs as they are the probable factors for the breakout of the disease in the first place. These remedies prescribe a course of proper diet and supplements. A properly designed diet and supplement course will ease the symptoms in two to four weeks. Another natural remedy involves deploying acidophillus bacteria which is believed to kill Candida yeast cells. The bacteria makes the intestinal track acidic and releases hydrogen peroxide both of these kill yeast cells. Studies have shown the effectiveness of acidophillus bacteria to eliminate Candidas, which were induced by antibiotic administration.

A mixture of natural oils like peppermint oil, oregano oil and other exotic oil administered in enteric coated capsules offers natural but effective remedy against this disease.This should be taken for several months. A word of caution; the volatile oils used in this capsules should not be taken directly or the capsule be broken as these oils could be very toxic. It is recommended to take two capsules a day between meals with plenty of water. Garlic is known to possess wonderful healing properties and its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties are well established. Allicin, a compound extracted from Garlic possesses anti-fungal properties and is quite effective in treatment of Candidiasis. Garlic in combination of volatile oils is packed in enteric capsules and they open in the intestine. Garlic capsules with volatile oils are given twice a day.

Many other herbal extracts are used to combat fungal infections. Oleic acid from Olive oil and Oregano oil, caprylic acid from coconuts and other combinations cure fungal infections effectively.

Get rid of yeast infection

Holistic approach of natural remedies for Candida infections involves proper diet also. The term Candida Cleanse is used to describe the course to eliminate the fungal infection by changing the diet. The idea is to kill, starve and flush Candida! This is done by abstaining from several food items like all types of sugar, honey, yeast containing breads, pastries, cheese, alcohol and sweetened drinks, coffee, tea, processed food and stale food. If this diet is supplemented with other remedies like garlic capsules, you are successful in killing and starving the yeast cells. To flush it out of the body, it is recommended to drink juice of one lemon with glass of water with cayenne pepper everyday in the morning.

A healthy life style, cessation of alcohol, and smoking will help you to build your immune system. All these combined steps will certainly help you to be permanently cured from this irritating disease that could also turn out to be a serious medical problem.

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