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Ways in Which a Bad Posture Affects Your Health

by Dr Prem Community Writer
good posture

A bad posture results in a bad impression which is synonymous with a having plenty of doors of opportunities closed in your face. It screams out loud of insecurity and your lack of belief and confidence in yourself. A skip and jump in your step, on the other hand, combined with an aura of confidence can bring about tremendous benefits to you, both in terms of physical and mental aspects.

Below are listed down a few ways by which a bad posture may prove to be not-so-good for your physical health in the long run. Read on, and make sure to keep your posture straight in order to dodge these complications:

Back and neck cramps:

Weak muscles

A poor body posture will, no doubt, result in shoulder and neck pains. This is because an unhealthy and uncomfortable posture unnecessarily strains and tenses your joints, which results in pain. Make sure you keep your neck and back straight in order to avoid such cramps.

Decreased blood circulation:


The very fact that you are slouching is proof enough that you are not using your body to its full capacity. Not using your body to its full capacity will, undoubtedly, result in poor blood circulation, and in turn, in poor overall health. You need to up your physical performance to get your blood rushing and going.

Stressed out joints:


Constantly sitting for long hours in the same position can tense up your joints like nothing else can. Your backbone, and hence spine, may be misaligned due to the sedentary lifestyle. Your muscles and other soft tissues are at constant risk due to sitting in a wrong position and posture for hours on end.

Tensed moods:

mood swings

A sedentary lifestyle equals lack of physical exercise. This also means that your body is not being used in the way it is meant to be. This will result in poor physical health and long phases where you will feel extremely low on the emotional side. Your energy levels may dwindle, and worse, your productivity and creativity may be hampered.

Poor self-image:

upset woman

Let’s be real here. there is nothing that puts off a situation and makes people cringe as quick as a bad body image does. You are doing nothing but hampering your own growth and productivity in life by falling prey to something as trivial as a wrong body posture, the reason for which lies in your head. Clear your head of all negative thoughts, and step out with confidence and reason, and you will see everything and everybody else responding accordingly.

Improve your posture by:

good posture

  • Walking with your back straight and head high
  • Practicing walking by balancing a book on your head in order to straighten your neck
  • Trying back and shoulder exercises
  • Subjecting your body to stretching every once a while
  • Working out regularly
  • Swimming and skipping, which will help loosen your muscles
  • Deliberately and consciously making efforts to correct your posture whenever you realize that you are slouching

A good posture means a smart you


Other than the reasons mentioned above, there are plenty more bad effects a wrong posture has on your health. Make efforts to improve your style, way of walking and to present yourself with a certain attractive way that appeals to people. Watch YouTube videos, take personality development classes, and resort to self-help books for helping you out with this particular issue.

Remember to always meet new people and introduce yourself to all the confidence and energy that you can muster. Even in your day-to-day life, you will note that things go extremely well if you put up a good posture and walk around emitting good vibes and true self-confidence.

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