Get washboard now! Effective home exercises for those perfect six pack abs

Man being the most intelligent being on earth should know the perfect strength of his body and go to all measures in getting a perfect one. Having a worked out body is a dream of every individual and everyone strives to get one and nothing more attractive than a perfect six-pack abs. Worked out abdominal muscles not only make the body attractive but make it strong as well. Various exercises like different forms of crunches, cardio (like running, jogging, cycling, and swimming), oblique roll, matrix, sit ups are the perfect instrument for the abs. But nothing better than home exercises to get the desired abs as its easier and effective and within the reach of all. Read through for some effective home exercises for getting a perfect six pack abs.


For this exercise, one has to lie on the ground (better with a mat) with arms in front of the chest or the hands rested on the forehead. One should not bend the head during this workout. Then raise the shoulder (upper part of the torso) towards the knees using only the upper and lower abdominal muscles. One should be very cautious not to lift the entire back off the floor as that can cause muscle strain and improper performing the exercise will never help in getting the result. Vital part is that of the breathing. As the shoulder is being lifted off the floor, exhale through the mouth and end with a gasp when it is lifted up. Then after a pause, exhale out the last bit while relaxing the abs. Going lower back inhale through mouth till the shoulder touches the floor excepting the head. This should be repeated in a set of twenty thrice a day with a gap of 15 minutes in between.

The routine will show the results in 3 to 4 weeks. Initially the individual might have muscle pain as they are exercised upon which will go with continuing the routine for 3 to 4 days. People with already strained muscles should not perform the routine as it might aggravate the condition.

Sit ups

For this exercise one has to lie on the floor, feet flat down on the floor, knees up and hands folded across the chest or folded behind the head. Keeping the feet still, sit all the way lifting the back and shoulder off the floor; and all along the back should be kept straight. Then lower the shoulder back to the original position and relax. Repeat the entire process. This routine should be performed in a set of 15 thrice. Sit ups can cause back pain if not performed correctly. That is if the back is hunching during the routine, it can cause pain. With repeated exercise the initial muscle stiffness of 2 or 3 days will go way. When this process gets easier one can repeat the routine on an inclined bench to have more vigorous effect and the routine will show effects within first 3 weeks.

Leg lifts

For this exercise one has to lie on the floor keeping the legs straight and hands at the sides. Now lift the legs straight without bending the knees at all until they are completely at 90° angle. Then bring the legs back down without making them touch the floor. Repeat the routine and make sure the legs don’t get rested at any point during the exercise. This routine should be repeated thrice in a set of fifteen. One thing to keep in mind is that the body at all times should be on the ground and should not come off and the legs should not touch the ground. The repeated carrying out of the exercise will tone the lower abdomen muscles with visible effects in a month.

Knee ups

For this exercise one has to lie straight. Straighten the legs in front without touching the ground and bend the knees at an angle of 45 degrees with the hands on either side supporting the torso. Then removing the hands from the ground slowly bend the knees and bring them closer to the chest without the back and shoulder plates touching the ground. The head should also be above the ground. Then release the knees slowly to the original position. This exercise should be performed in all directions (both sides balancing on the hip portion). The routine should be performed thrice in a set of 20 reps. Improper exercise may cause thigh muscle strain and even back muscle strain. Initial muscle stiffness will be gone in a week and the exercise if performed properly will show effects in a month.

Static hold

For this exercise, put the body into the regular push up mode with elbows resting on the floor as support and the whole body flat. This is the static hold position also more commonly known as plank. The sole purpose of the routine is to strengthen the abdominal muscles to hold the body in a flat position. This plank position must be held for as long as possible. Beginners can perform it for maximum 1 minute while professionals can do it for as much as 5 minutes.

One modification of this is a side static hold where rolling onto a side of the body it is lifted into the same position as earlier but with the exception that only one arm is used as support on ground while other pointing straight up. This routine strengthens the abs muscles and can be performed quite a number of times in a day with a duration of as long as possible.

Cross body mountain climber

This routine is for the oblique abs (the muscles to the sides of the stomach on both sides) and is quite important along with the other above mentioned ones. For this, start at the top of the normal push up position. Then pick one foot off the floor and slowly bring the knee to the opposite elbow without letting the hips moving up or down or droop. The body should be kept in a linear position. Then return your legs to the original position and perform the same sets for the alternate leg with all the same requirements. Beginners can bring the knee straight up without going for cross body. The routine should be performed thrice in a set of 15 with distinctive results showing in a month. But one must keep in mind that the hip position should not be altered while moving the leg as it might strain muscles and will not give the desired result.

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