Wackiest but healthiest fruit cocktail recipes for summer parties

A cocktail is a mixed alcoholic drink containing two or more ingredients, of which at least one is a spirit. Unlike fruit juices or plain spirits, cocktails offer a new dimension to drinks by presenting interesting combinations of the two in varying ratios that add to its fun quotient. Cocktails are a great way to battle the summers as they are very refreshing and wacky with their various interesting ingredients. However, the spirits added to the drinks are often seen as dehydrating and fattening. This can be corrected by replacing some ingredients of the cocktails with low calorie alternates to make the cocktail a healthier one.

Kiwi mint lime

The Kiwi mint lime cocktail is fruity, fun and fresh. It combines the interesting tropical flavor of kiwi fruit with the freshness of mint and the tangy taste of lemon. This cocktail is easy to concoct and is ready within minutes with the added health benefits making it perfect for summer time birthday and anniversary parties. Muddle together four slices of the Kiwi fruit with a slice of lemon peel and few mint sprigs. Now pour in 60 ml. vodka and a little honey. Shake well to mix all the flavors together and serve chilled poured in glasses garnished with mint leaves and a wedge of lemon. This cocktail not only refreshes but also provides vital nutrients to the body making it an ideal choice for health conscious individuals.

Mango margarita

The mango margarita is a cocktail that reminds instantly of the summers as it contains mango, a fruit available exclusively during the summer season. It is extremely easy to concoct and hence perfect for the summer weekend parties besides the pool when all you want to do is laze around and swig on a drink. The mango margarita contains half the calories than a normal margarita and hence, is a good choice for individuals on a diet. To make the mango margarita, blend together mango juice, lime juice, tequila, honey and crushed ice. Shake well to mix all the flavors well and serve chilled with a wedge of lime.

Pom pom martini

The pom pom martini is a cocktail that complements summers completely with its fruit derived flavors. Muddle together twenty to thirty seeds of a pomegranate with a slice of orange peel and four to five mint leaves. Now pour 20 ml. orange juice, 20 ml. cranberry juice and 60 ml. vodka and shake the martini well, 14 to 15 times. Double strain it and pour in tall glasses, garnished with the peel of an orange. This cocktail takes a little longer than other cocktails to concoct and hence is perfect for the special cocktail parties planned during summer. The pom pom martini is low on calories and hence, a good choice for dieters and calorie-conscious individuals.

Cucumber and cilantro martini

Summer cocktails should be cooling and refreshing such that they bring respite from the heat and are pleasant to taste. The cucumber and cilantro martini is one such cocktail that is light and tasty. The fresh flavors of cilantro combined with the subtle flavors of cucumber add an extra dimension to this cocktail making it perfect with a light salad for the long and hot summer afternoons. The recipe for this cocktail is extremely simple making it easy to concoct within minutes. The ingredients required are cucumber, cilantro, lemon juice and vodka. Muddle together four slices of cucumber, four strands of cilantro with the stalks as they contain maximum flavor. Now in a mixer put the muddled matter, juice of a lemon, 60 ml. vodka and 1 tablespoon honey for added sweetness without the calories of sugar. Serve chilled and garnished with slices of cucumber and cilantro leaves.

Skinny cosmopolitan

The cosmopolitan, largely preferred by girls, is a fun drink but high on calories which causes many calorie watchers to refrain from enjoying it. However, the skinny cosmopolitan is a great alternate to the cosmopolitan and is as fun without the calories. The cocktail is easy to concoct and requires just four ingredients which are cranberry juice, lime juice, vodka and honey. Put the ingredients in a shaker and shake well to combine the flavors. Pour into glasses and serve garnished with a slice of lemon on the rim. To further reduce the calorific values of the drink replace the cranberry juice with zero sugar ocean spray. This cocktail is a hit with the ladies and makes for an ideal drink at the all girl parties or kitty parties.

Pineapple song

Cocktails for the summer should preferably be fruity and light. The pineapple song is one such cocktail that ensures refreshing summer evenings. It is extremely easy to blend which makes it perfect for parties. Freeze two bananas, peel and chop them, chop one whole pineapple, squeeze the juice of a lemon, pour in 6 oz. vodka or rum, add lots of crushed ice and blend till smooth. Serve it chilled with a slice of pineapple or a wedge of lemon on the rim adding to its appeal. This drink is low on calories and high on taste making it a favorite amongst those calorie-conscious. The drink largely contains fruit juices and small amounts of alcohol added only for the intended zing in the drink.

Raspberry Collins

Raspberry Collins is a twisted version of the classic Tom Collins which is a well known and highly appreciated cocktail around the world. The raspberry Collins maintains the punch of a cocktail while including the benefits of raspberries, making it a good choice of cocktail for summer parties. The drink refreshes without dehydrating and provides essential vitamins and zinc. To concoct the cocktail crush eight to twelve raspberries to a pulp with a little honey and 50 ml. gin. Pour into a tall glass and top with 25 ml. lemon juice and soda water. Garnish with a raspberry and serve chilled.

Blueberry lime margarita

Blueberries and lime spruced up with tequila, this cocktail sounds as much fun as it tastes. This margarita is high in phytochemicals due to the blueberries and also vitamin C due to the lime juice. It is simple to concoct and makes for a perfect accompaniment to delicious snacks on a summer night party. To make the blackberry lime margarita, crush a cup of blackberries and a cup of blueberry nectar with frozen limeade. Add to these: 3 ounces of tequila, 1 teaspoon lime juice and 1/4th cup water, blend well. Rim a glass with lemon juice and coarse salt. Pour the cocktail in the glasses and serve chilled.

Watermelon caprioska

Watermelon caprioska is synonymous to summers for its refreshing watermelon taste and the added zing. This is an ideal cocktail for summer parties held during the day or night. To make this cocktail muddle together, six to seven dices of watermelon with two leaves of basil, 10 ml. of lemon juice and 60 ml. vodka. Serve chilled with soda poured on top to tone down the strong flavors and add the extra zing to the cocktail. This drink is low on calorie making it perfect for girls who like subtler and fruit flavored cocktails. The low alcoholic content of the cocktail also makes it a good choice for business parties.

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