The unexpected health benefits of drinking hot water

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Water is the elixir of life. We cannot survive without water. Experts advise that we should drink at least 7-10 glasses every day. Most people prefer cold or normal water to hot, but research has shown that drinking hot water has some rather unexpected rewards.

Why is it healthy to drink hot water?


Drinking hot water regularly can give you many health benefits, like better digestion and weight loss. The biggest benefit is that it keeps your body hydrated and flushes toxins out of your body. It acts as the medium for all the biochemical and metabolic processes of your body. When you consume hot water, the receptors in the mouth, stomach and intestines stimulate the “pleasure centers” in the brain.

Benefits of drinking hot water

The benefits of a hot glass of water are many.

  • It soothes a sore belly

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Many women face period cramping. Sipping some hot water relieves the cramps. For the rest of us, hot water relaxes the muscles and eases the pain.

  • Weight loss


Say bye to fat by drinking hot water regularly. Hot water helps to break down fat and you shed your pounds faster, though experts are still on the fence on this one.

  • Get clear skin

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Water flushed out impurities and is a natural detoxifier. This provides with you a clearer skin and reduces skin problems.

  • Calms sore throat and nasal congestion


Hot water soothes sore throat and drinking hot water at regular intervals will help you get rid of the nasty sore throat in no time. It also helps in clearing nasal congestion. It dissolves phlegm and clears your cold and cough in no time.

  • Dandruff gone


Drinking warm to hot water takes care of your dandruff problems your body is hydrated, which means your scalp will be hydrated too. Dandruff due to dryness will soon disappear.

  • Soft and supple skin

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Hot water keeps wrinkles at bay. Your skin will glow, become soft and you look younger with smooth skin. It restores skin elasticity by repairing damaged cells affected by free radicals. When you drink hot water, the temperature of the body rises and the body tries to cool itself by sweating through the pores of your skin. This cleans the skin cells as excess water and salts are removed and you get clear skin.

  • Balances metabolism

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Dehydration causes imbalances in your metabolism. Upping your water intake and drinking hot instead of cold water, will stabilize your metabolism apart from the other benefits you get.

  • Lustrous hair

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Experts have proven that hot water is good for the roots of your hair. It increases root activity, stimulates hair growth and promotes silky and shiny hair. If your hair is falling off or you have lackluster hair, try drinking hot water regularly to bring your hair back to it shiny state.

  • Blood circulation

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Hot water keeps your body circulation flowing nicely, distributing oxygen and blood evenly to all parts of your body. Poor circulation causes a lot of health problems and drinking lots of water improves circulation. The fat deposits in the nervous system also break down along with burning the fat in your body when you drink hot water.

  • Constipation gone


Hot water is the best remedy for constipation. It is great for the bowels and eases discomfort and makes bowel movement smooth. A glass of hot water first thing in the morning everyday does the trick.

  • Reduces body pain


Hot water provides instant relief from stomach pain, headache or body pain. 

Benefits of drinking warm water before bedtime


You have seen the benefits of drinking hot water in the morning and during the day. Warm water before bedtime has some amazing benefits too. It gives your body sufficient time to flush out unwanted toxins from your body and cleanse your system.

The kidneys get ample time to flush waste out from your body. Warm water before bedtime prevents food being fermented in the intestines. This leads to your digestive tract, muscles and skin benefiting from just a glass of warm water before bed. It will give you more energy when you wake up and you will lose weight faster too.

The benefits of drinking hot water, whether in the morning or before bedtime or during the day are so many that everyone should include this habit in their routine. This one habit can resolve many health issues apart from firing up your metabolism.

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