Tips to Make Your New Kitten Feel Right at Home


Having a new kitten in the house can be quite a challenge. You can definitely not cater to a kitten in the way you would for a human kid. There have to be different and exceptional steps taken on your part in order for your cat to be felt at home. Furthermore, you also have to ensure that you take all the necessary steps while taking care of your kitten’s health

You may be bringing the cat home since your kid insisted on having a playmate; or maybe because you are an avid animal lover yourself. But make sure that you provide for the kitten well, that it remains in its best state of mind. Understanding cat psychology will show you that your behaviour towards your kitten affects its health tremendously.

Have a feeding schedule:

New-Kitten-Feel-Right-at-HomeAs humans, we can very well understand the importance of eating well, and on time. Extend that hospitality to your pets too, especially your new kitten. Determine a feeding time for it, and feed it accordingly.

Set a fixed time that will only be meant for your kitten to have its meal. This will set up a new routine for the kitten. The cat is bound to get accustomed to it if you follow it religiously. Initially it would be advisable to stick to their old meal times. Following that, gradually move toward what you think is best for your kitty.

Have your new cat eating at the same time as your family does. This ensures that you do not have to worry about serving them separately. This will ensure that your good behaviour towards your kitten affects its health in the right way.

Scratch friendly apartment

Invest in scratch friendly furniture and wall paints so that you don’t have to worry about ruining your home interiors because of your beloved cats. Someone whose house is always in the company of cats and dogs will know what scratches look like. Set up scratch friendly items in your home so that your fur ball does not spoil the look of it all.

A balanced diet

balanced diet

Enough cannot be stressed on the importance of giving a balanced diet to your kitten. As much as eating on time is important; eating right is equally essential.  Since the kitten is just in its growing state, it needs to have proper nourishment. This will help it to reach its full potential.  All in all, you must be in total control of taking care of your kitten’s health. Ask your vet about the best way to feed a kitten in accordance with taking care of your kitten’s health.

Vertical space- Cat tree, windows etc.

If you have shown any interest in understanding cat psychology, you’d know that cats are active creatures who love to jump and play. They are always on the lookout for some place to rest their paws upon and take a leap. They even wish to get to a corner and get bundled up out of sight.

You shouldn’t be allowing your kitty to jump around on your furniture. The reason is that they can quite hamper the process of taking care of your kitten’s health. Have a cat tree or a window or something similar installed so that they can jump around it to their heart’s content.

You can have this play item only in one corner of your home or all over it, however need be. The good news is that these cat trees and artificial windows can even double up as beautiful showpieces. Keeping your cat active is the best way of taking care of your kitten’s health.


PlaytimeA playtime-slot will give your kitten the idea that it is being asked to open up. Very soon, your kitten will budge accordingly, making your task of taking care of your kitten’s health easier. This is one very important aspect of taking care of your kitten’s health. Be regular with the play timings and the playthings of the kitten, as mentioned next.

Set limits to safe play

Taking care of your kitten’s health is just like taking care of children. They are yet not aware of what can harm them or be unsafe for them while paying.  You need to set limits with your young kittens to look after your kitten as you would with your child.

For example, have it known to them that they cannot cross the balcony and move out the window. If you reside in an apartment, you don’t want to see your kitty walking along the outside window wall. If you have a lawn, make sure that they don’t venture out on their own.

Reward Good Behaviour

Reward Good BehaviourRewarding your kitten goes a long way in taking care of your kitten’s health, mentally speaking, and also to look after your kitten. Your kitten may obey all rules and not causing you trouble while eating, playing or potty training. If that is so, you can set ‘rewards’ for it so that it stays put. Feeding it an extra fish or taking it out to play is some of the ways to reward your cat.


The above techniques are designed keeping in mind not just the kitten’s comfort, but also the owner’s. Remember that the kitten might have had a different home in the past. The cat might have belonged to an animal shelter, a different caretaker, or maybe you just picked it off the street.

Whatever it may be, start with the kind of love and care given to it in its old home. Post this; slowly move on to the kind of love and care you want to provide it with. This will not happen overnight. It might even take weeks before your little kitten gets accustomed to its new ways in your home.

All you have to do is sport a tad bit of patience. The other members of your family will automatically follow suit, especially kids. With plenty of love, care and understanding, you will soon witness your kitten making its place in your home, never to leave again.

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