There is a fascinating link between the music you love and the food you eat

Music is a rewarding companion in our lives and it takes no genius to know that his form of art is the best stress alleviator. If you are feeling low, some loud and upbeat music can do wonders to bring your mood back on the jolly side. Workout routines are better done with some upbeat music and every party is incomplete without some form of entertainment for the ears.

Researchers have now found many new ways you can use music to help you stay fit and healthy. After many observations on the effects of music on adiet, some have found groundbreaking proofs that music can help you stick to your diet regimen and eat healthily.

Stay away from temptations


Perhaps the biggest hurdle that stands in your way to a healthy diet is the temptation that the unhealthy items hold. While you follow a diet program, you are bound to fall victim to cravings and temptations that line the path to that perfect silhouette. Listening to the right type of music that you can associate with pleasure and satisfaction can help you jump safely over this hurdle.

With the reprogramming that happens on the release of dopamine, music will guide you towards a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. This will force your brain to make wiser decisions and not give in to cravings. While shopping for groceries, listen to a set playlist to avoid distractions as you fill your cart with what you need and not what you want.

A better dining experience


If you are on a diet, most of the dishes you make might not comply with your palate. Studies have shown that great music mixed with the right plating, lighting, and company can elevate the dining experience significantly.

Putting on your favorite music when you delve into your healthy dish will create an impression on the brain that the food is tastier than it actually is, helping you in sticking to your healthy diet habit . Beware this is actually a marketing trick most restaurants apply to trap you into eating more!

Slow music affects eating habits

Happy ordinary family of four eating spaghetti at home interior

Our brain gets the message that the stomach is full in about twenty minutes and this is true for almost everybody. The quantity of food consumed in these twenty minutes is not a primary issue for feeling satiated. Listening to slow music while eating can actually decrease your speed of consuming food.

A slower speed of eating means you chew your food well for a proper digestion, and also you eat less. You can try this by putting on some classical music or soothing calm music the next time you sit for a meal. Slow music will prevent over-indulging.

Loud music and over-indulgence


Researchers have found that watching loud TV or listening to loud music while eating can mask the sounds that you make when you eat. This, in turn, leads to a failure of the brain keeping check on the diet consumed causing over eating.

Researchers found that listening to the sound you make when you eat can lead to a lesser consumption of food. This study was published in the journal of Food Quality and Preference and compiled the results of three separate experiments. Observations also found that more the intensity of sound made by chewing food, lesser is the consumption.

Music you don’t like can make food taste worse

Eating crepe

By listening to loud music or songs that you don’t prefer, you can significantly fight your cravings. Music you do not enjoy or extremely loud music can make food taste worse, leading to lesser consumption. Remember not to listen to music that is loud and unpleasant when you are eating your diet-prescribed healthy dishes.

Music has profound effects in many realms of life. With its natural way of elevating the levels of dopamine, which in turn elevates mood, music can be used to siphon numerous advantages including sticking to a healthy diet.

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