Teeth whitening comes easier with Smartbleach

We all want a set of teeth that shines like a celebrity’s, but that dazzling smile can be difficult to achieve. You could, for example, use whitening gel and wear the equivalent of a rubber retainer for two hours a day, every day, for an average of three weeks. The exhausting process works, of course, but so does Smartbleach 3LT Teeth Whitening.

Smartbleach is a better option because it is much less time consuming, done by professionals, and most importantly has a longer lasting effect than all other systems, and employs a pain-free process. So why not try it?

Smartbleach will only cost you an average of 50 minutes in the dentist chair. For those with busy schedules, this would look much more appealing than home gel treatments that will take two hours out of the day and will have shorter-lasting results.

You would have to go through this lengthy process, again and again, feeling that gel slowly oozing out of the rubber retainers, which is mildly disgusting. Smartbleach gives much longer results for far less time spent on a process that will give you the same, if not better, dazzling smile.

Smartbleach is done by professionals. It is the most advanced teeth whitening on the market, so many dentists have chosen to use it as they want the best for their patients. Compared to other in-office systems, this has been found to cause minimal sensitivity during and after the procedure. Furthermore, the system will not cause dehydration of teeth, which has been a problem with other treatments.


This might not sound that bad, sure, but enamel dehydration only whitens the teeth for a day or two before it wears off, which can be frustrating. You leave the dentist’s office with a glowing smile, only to have it vanish the day after tomorrow. It is because of Smarbleach’s patented process that it is not only highly effective against badly stained teeth, but also isn’t as harmful to the enamel as other systems, including take-home whitening kits.

And it is because the Smarbleach laser is gentle on the enamel, and because of a specially formulated red gel that the treatment’s effects look more natural, and last much longer. Moreover, the Smartbleach laser can target discolouration, so if a particularly dark tooth had been bothering you, its luster could be restored and improved in a mere hour along with the rest of your teeth.

To top it all off, Smartbleach is painless. Because of the system’s gentle pure green laser light, the patient feels very little of the process, if anything at all. As mentioned above, even after the treatment, there will be little to no tooth sensitivity. And unlike with take-home teeth whitening treatments, you won’t need to worry about reddened gums from overuse of the whitening gel.

So, with a system that employs a pain-free process with little to no tooth sensitivity, is done by professionals, is less time consuming and not mention has no side effects, you can be sure that the Smartbleach 3LT Teeth Whitening system will give you a dazzling smile that looks natural and will last longer. So why not try it?

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