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Kidney Stone Symptoms

Kidney Stone: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Frequent urge for urination As a result of the blocked passage between kidneys and urinary bladder, the urine gets stored in the kidneys, which leads to swollen kidneys. This makes the person feel a …

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Hypertension Symptoms

Hypertension: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Headaches One of the most common symptoms of hypertension is a mild to severe headache. Since a hundred other reasons are prevalent for a headache, diagnosis becomes difficult based on this symptom alone. However, these …

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Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

Hyperthyroidism: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Fatigue and tremors The lack of motivation and physical energy is often described as fatigue. People with an overactive thyroid find themselves exhausted completely. The reason for this exhaustion might be due to the stress …

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Bone Tumors Symptoms

Bone Tumors: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Bone fracture Bone fracture is one of the most common symptoms of a bone tumor. When the tumor is formed in the bone, it makes the area weak and vulnerable. So, even a small …

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HIV/AIDS Symptoms

HIV/AIDS: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Primary infections During the initial stages of the window period, the infected person starts developing frequent flu-like illnesses and infections. As the ability of the body to fight diseases diminishes, the infected person becomes susceptible …

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Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

Alcohol Abuse: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Irregularity at work or school One of the first symptoms of alcohol abuse is the inability to finish the designated work on time even though the person has a good record of punctuality. Apart …

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