Some of the best diet plans reviewed in 2017


We’ve seen many diet plans over the years, with a few lasting decades and new ones cropping up all the time. Some of these diet plans have become fads, and are quite drastic. They might lead to some initial weight loss, but are difficult to sustain over time, as they are quite tough to follow. You might spend a lot of time looking for the perfect diet plan to reduce weight as well as stay to stay healthy and meet your fitness goals.  Choosing the right diet can be tough but experts have come up with the best diet plans of 2017. Take a look:

DASH diet


The 2017 review on diet plans found the DASH diet to be the best diet. DASH is the short form for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”. For seven years in a row, it has been acclaimed as the best diet plan. This diet focuses on reducing hypertension, which is now a very common condition worldwide. According to this diet, you have to limit sodium in your diet to less than 2,300 mg per day, and eat plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This has led the DASH diet to be the best for heart disease and diabetes.

Mediterranean diet

This diet has been deemed as one of the best diet plans of 2017. It is modeled on the food which is commonly eaten in the Mediterranean region. It’s high in vegetables, fruits, brown rice, whole wheat and olive oil. It’s also considered to be the best of all the plant based diets. Regularly eating the food recommended in this diet and avoiding junk food can help you lead a healthy life with these diet plans. 

Dukan diet

 best-diet-plansThis is a high protein, low-carb diet which allows 72 comparatively low on fat but rich in protein foods, like chicken, eggs, fish, turkey, and dairy which is fat free. Carbs are a no-no except for oat bran. You have to eat the foods already mentioned for 5 days. This diet plan has three phases, in which, fruits, veggies and carbs are gradually introduced. The goal of this diet plan is to lose close to 2 lbs a week and promote weight management on a long term basis.

Mind diet

The 2017 review on diet plans included the Mind diet in its best diet plans list. This diet plan is based on the concept of choosing and eating foods that help in preventing neurological diseases. It’s a combination of DASH and Mediterranean diet plans. In it, selected food items that are good for the brain are selected from both the diet plans. Nuts, olive oil, dark leaf greens, berries and so on, form the staple of this diet.

TLC diet


This diet lays stress on lowering cholesterol. Emphasis is laid on eating foods that have low saturated fats, such as chicken without skin, cheese, butter and eating more of vegetables and fats, fish and low in fat dairy. 

Flexitarian diet

The dietician Dawn Blatner developed Flexitarian diet. It is for those who are interested in becoming vegetarians. It helps dieters in adding ‘new meat’ to their diet. This diet includes food items such as tofu, lentils, beans, eggs, nuts. The diet is ‘flexible’, allowing dieters to eat meat when they have a craving for it.

Mayo clinic’s diet

loose weight

The Minnesota based group’s research evolved a diet which stresses on giving up bad habits and inculcating good habits. During the first phase of the diet, which is about two weeks long, you might lose 6-10 pounds, because of new habits.

All these diet plans basically focus on eating nutritious food with few restrictions. All of them emphasize on avoiding excess sugar. You too can have healthy life with these diet plans and achieve your fitness goals.

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