Smart cups improve your health by reminding you to stay hydrated

One of the most important factors which influence the health of our body is hydration. One must remember that it is of utmost importance to keep your body hydrated as this helps in the removal of toxins and keeps you hale and hearty. There are some smart cups in the market which work as reminders to keep you hydrated.

 1. PrymeVessyl


This is an iPhone-connected smart cup. The main function of this smart cup is to track the liquid intake of your body on a daily basis. This helps in keeping the body hydrated to the required levels.

This cup measures the hydration requirement of an individual by taking into account factors like height,weight,activity level etc.PrymeVessyl makes sure that the user gets the required hydration on a daily basis. This cup has a sleek design and there is an accelerometer built in the PrymeVassyl.

  1. Ozmo Smart cup

Ozmo Smart cup

This comes in the form of a cup and an app. They can work together or independently as per your choice. They help you track your water and coffee intake. This cup thus helps you maintain the required hydration levels in your body.

The cup is leak proof and has a USB rechargeable battery.Ozmo syncs well with FitBit,Apple health and other such digital trackers. The smart cup has a three-week battery life. This smart cup offers daily activity dashboard, a snapshot of your current hydration levels and reminders and alerts to get your hydration goals and check your caffeine levels.

  1. Orka


This is a smart bottle which keeps a track of your water intake. If your hydration levels are not as required then Orka app will send you a reminder so that you can take the required steps to remain appropriately hydrated on an immediate basis. The bottle is machine washable, BPA free and has a long battery life.

Orka gives you seamless syncing and daily hydration stats.The app has options to track multiple bottles. This feature can be used effectively by fitness trainers and coaches. Thus,Orka is a smart bottle which keeps a track of your water intake and reminds you to remain hydrated.

  1. Sippo


People with hectic schedules have pathetic habits of drinking water and hence, the hydration level of their body suffers. Sippo is a solution for these busy people.Sippo reminds people that they need to keep their body hydrated by drinking water. This smart gadget helps people know the hydration levels of their body.

All one needs to do is download and install the app on the smartphone, enter the required information and pair your Sippo cup, and enjoy the benefits of the Sippo cup. Sippo will give you your recommended daily goal and also helps you make the adjustments based on the activity level and environment. Just add your daily routine at the time of the setup and continue with your busy life as Sippo will keep a track of your hydration needs.

  1. Cuptime


This smart cup also pairs with your smartphone and keeps a track of your water drinking habits and helps you improve your drinking habits and maintain optimum hydration levels of your body. This smart cup can also sense the temperature of the water you drink.Cuptime is provided with sensors and custom algorithms.Cuptime gives reminders to drink water at the right time. The plan that cuptime sketches out will depend on factors like physical condition,activity level etc of the individual.

Smart cups are an excellent to stay hydrated. They help you design plans of drinking the right quantity of water from time to time so that your body remains hydrated which in turn keeps you fit and fine.

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