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Are you too skinny for your clothes? Gain weight in 17 days

Are you finding it extremely difficult to gain a few pounds? As with weight loss, there are certain factors that may be stopping you from gaining weight. You are eating a lot of food but still seem to be on the lower end of the weighing scale. Lack of appetite, problems in absorption of food, consumption of negative foods such as processed foods, eating disorders, lactose intolerance, burning more fuel than the amount taken in, insufficient nutrients for the body, performing exercises that drain the nutrients are some of the factors that hinders gain of weight. While all slim people want to gain weight, they do face a few pitfalls during the course. Among the main reasons why few people do not manage to put on those pounds is due to lack of clarity in goals, insufficient motivation and inadequate knowledge.

Day 1

To motivate you on the first day of the plan remind yourself of the days when you were looking healthy. If you have always been on the lower side of weight, then get a few photographs of healthy looking people to inspire you.

Goal: You need an increase in the total amount of calories. However, keep junk and unhealthy foods at bay. Ensure you have good sources of proteins, fat and carbohydrates.

Strategy: Rather than having three large meals, develop a habit of taking smaller meals. An average person should intake about 1,200-1,500 calories per day. If the goal is to gain weight, then increase the portions and servings as per the guidelines of the food pyramid. This naturally increases the calorie intake and leads to the development of muscle mass.

Breakfast: 2 whole eggs, 1 full orange and 1 glass of whole milk.

Morning snack: 2 cups of avocados, 1 nutria-grain cereal bar, 1 small banana and 1 tablespoon honey.

Lunch: 1 baked potato, bacon cheeseburger, five fresh figs and 1 cup of frozen or fruit yogurt.

Evening snack: 1 cooked chicken burger and a small bowl of canned or cooked light syrup cranberries.

Dinner: 2 medium cups of rice with 2 slices of cooked fish and 1 cup broccoli.Day 2

Even though you may eat a lot, you must be consume the right food to put on healthy weight. The diet must be balanced with carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Avoid junk food and aim to eat healthy food.

Goal: Intake of protein helps in building muscle rather than storing excess energy as fat.

Strategy: Make sure to consume small amounts of protein every day.

Breakfast: 1 cup whole grain pasta, 1/2 cup almonds and 1 glass of low fat 2% milk.

Morning snack: 1 Vegetable sandwich, apple juice and 1 walnut brownie.

Lunch: 1 slice beef, 1 cup boiled asparagus, 1 cup bean curd and 8 pieces of dates.

Evening snack: 1 bagel with cheese and 1 small glass of apricot nectar.

Dinner: 1 chicken burger, 1 cup chick peas and 1 large banana.Day 3

If you are a person who has an aversion to food, eating large meals can often put you off. Plan to eat small and often.

Goal: You must eat more to pack on the mass. Eating three square meals leads to storage of large amounts of protein and carbohydrates which may result in indigestion and unhealthy body fat.

Strategy: Eat every 2 to 3 hours. View these as small windows of opportunities to build muscles.

Breakfast: 2 slices of cornbread, banana and 1 full glass of whole milk.

Morning snack: 1 small bagel, 1 cup of Brussels sprouts and a cheese spread.

Lunch: Spaghetti with meat sauce, 1 cup of cooked spinach and 2 to 3 pieces of pear.

Evening snack: A small bowl of papaya, chocolate milk shake and 2 oat cookies.Day 4

Eating the same type of foods may put off the diet plan. Rotate the food selection to prevent boredom.

Goal: You must aim to get enough calories through variety of foods.

Strategy: Shop for different calorie dense healthy foods each week to keep up the interest and excitement.

Breakfast: 1 glass of soy milk, 1 bowl of cereals and 1 glass of whole milk.

Morning snack: 1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 1 bowl of mixed fruits with 2- 3 whole grain cookies or crackers.

Lunch: 1 to 2 slices of pepperoni, 1 cooked egg and fruit cocktail.

Evening snack: A small cup of macaroni salad, fruit cake and fruit milkshake.

Dinner: A small bowl of creamed chicken soup, beef steak, 1 cup cooked cabbage and a small cup of blueberries.Day 5

Adding calories is essential to build mass. If you want to add 2 pounds per week, add extra carbohydrates and protein to your meals. Keep track of what you are eating every day.

Goal: You must aim to eat more than 1,500 calories per day to gain weight.

Strategy: Keeping track of amount of calories is not difficult. Make use of online calorie calculators and read labels to check how many calories you are consuming.

Breakfast: Eggnog made with whole milk, two slices of banana bread and a glass of fruit juice.

Morning snack: 1 small bowl of creamed vegetable soup, 1 cup of cooked corn and a small apple.

Lunch: 2 cups of rice with chicken giblets, 1 cup of baked potato salad and 2 pieces of apricot.

Evening snack: Large bowl of crisp rhubarb, medium piece of fat-free cake and 4-5 cheese crackers.

Dinner: A bowl of vegetable fried rice, 2 pieces of pork sausage, 1 cup Sauerkraut and 1/2 cup of sweetened rice pudding.Day 6

Protein increases the development of body mass, accelerates body metabolism and keeps lower levels of body fat.

Goal: Aim to consume a variety of lean meat such as chicken, turkey, tuna, eggs, etc.

Strategy: Your daily meal must contain at least 60 grams of protein to maintain your appetite.

Breakfast: 1 cup of cottage cheese, fruit milk shake and fried beans.

Morning snack: 1 cup French fries, a slice of fruit pie and 1/2 cup of grape fruit.

Lunch: Turkey and gravy, small bowl of beans with franks and 2 slices of mango.

Evening snack: 1 tall glass of orange juice, 2 or three oatmeal cookies and grilled vegetable sandwich.

Dinner: Small bowl of creamy vegetable soup, small bowl of baked sweet potatoes, 1 cup cooked cauliflower and natural malted drink.Day 7

Vegetables are required for optimal functioning of the body. Proteins and carbohydrates overload the acid level in the blood. This is balanced by sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables.

Goal: Focus on having 1-2 cups of fruits and vegetables with each meal.

Strategy: Stock your kitchen with good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that are easily accessible.

Breakfast: A bowl of green beans soup, small bowl of green salad with cream dressing, small cup of cherries and a glass of whole milk.

Morning snack: 2-3 Oatmeal cookies, 1/2 cup of avocados and a tall glass of carrot juice.

Lunch: 2 pieces salami and cheese sandwich, a small bowl of gumbo with rice and a medium kale.

Evening snack: Small bowl of hash browns, medium glass of lemonade and a small bowl of cantaloupe melons.

Dinner: Medium bowl of rice with lentils, a medium cup of artichokes and a cup of honeydew melons.Day 8

One of the effective ways to build muscles is to have the biggest meal at breakfast.

Goal: Make sure you cover 1/2 of the total calories covered during breakfast.

Strategy: People who have poor or no breakfast end up having unhealthy food during the course of day. To kick start your day, plan a wholesome and filling diet.

Breakfast: 1 Piece of egg sandwich, 2 small sized oat bran muffins, a small cup of baby carrots, 1 glass of 100% fruit juice.

Morning snack: 1 piece of coffee cake, small glass of cranberry juice cocktail and a medium cup alfalfa sprouts.

Lunch: Medium bowl of rice with fish fillet, 1 cup celery, small sized cheese camembert and a medium glass of apple juice.

Evening snack: 4-5 Cheese crackers, half glass of chocolate milk shake and 1 cup of Brussels sprouts.

Dinner: Medium bowl of fried rice with 2 pieces of lamb, a cup of celery and 1/2 cup of cooked prunes.

Day 9

In the course of a long diet, you might falter and may lack consistency and creativity. You must plan well ahead to ensure that you go through the diet easily.

Goal: You must have ample food and drink stocked up to have the right selection and amount for each meal.

Strategy: Shop on the weekends, prepare the food and stock it up to last for a week.

Breakfast: 1 slice of bread stuffing, 1 cup cocoa puffs, a glass of low fat milk and a cup of peaches.

Morning snack: 1 piece of peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a small bowl of papaya and 5-6 plain crackers.

Lunch: 3-4 small turkey patties, 1/2 cup of cooked peas and a large bowl of green salad.

Evening snack: Medium sized bowl of coconut custard and medium glass of fruit milk shake.

Dinner: Medium sized bowl of pasta with cream sauce, 1 large cup of cooked cabbage, small bowl of tuna salad and small bowl of chick peas.

Day 10

It may be easy for you to load on junk food to increase your weight but in the long run, it adds to unhealthy fat.

Goal: You must aim to go low on fried and processed foods that are high in sugar and salt.

Strategy: Wholesome natural foods have sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, fat and fiber that aid the metabolism of the body naturally.

Breakfast: 3 slices of whole wheat bread, 1 egg and 1 small cup of sour cream.

Morning snack: 2 pieces of corndog, a large bowl of Brussels sprouts laced with creamy sauce and a tall glass of fruit juice.

Lunch: 3-4 small chicken nuggets, medium sized bowl of creamy vegetable soup, a large bowl of green salad and an orange.

Evening snack: 4 large strawberries, medium bowl of milk pudding and 3-4 small wheat crackers.

Dinner: Medium bowl of Lima beans, 3-4 small fish patties with wild rice and 3 medium slices of watermelon.Day 11

It is important to measure and keep track of your goals. If required, you must change and adjust the meal plan to keep you motivated for a longer time.

Goal: Having a clear goal of weight gain in a certain period of time helps to chart the most appropriate meal plan.

Strategy: Maintain a food diary to keep track of the calories that you consume each day. You should also measure you weight periodically.

Breakfast: 2 cooked eggs, small bagel with cream and a glass of whole milk.

Morning snack: 7-8 pieces of whole wheat crackers, large bowl of green salad with whipped cream.

Lunch: 2-3 small cooked eggplant with rice, 2-3 small pieces of ground turkey balls and 2 pieces of apricot.

Evening snack: 1 medium sized granola bars, 1 tall glass of grape juice and a medium bowl of cooked green beans.

Dinner: Medium bowl of cooked turnip greens, 4-5 tacos, 2 turkey patties and 2 slices of cantaloupe melons.

Day 12

You must have strong motivation to sail through the diet plan successfully. Discouraging results, lack of a variety of foods and stress are some of the factors to dissuade you from sticking to the plan.

Goal: Remember and remind yourself of the weight goal that you wish to achieve using various visual aids.

Strategy: Use various motivational resources and work with your friends to keep you encouraged and motivated in the plan.

Breakfast: Medium sized bowl of cereal with whole milk and grilled sandwich.

Morning snack: 6-7 large strawberries and a small cup of dried fruits and nuts.

Lunch: Small cup of lobster meat with pita bread, large bowl of green cabbage and 3-4 slices of mangoes

Evening snack: 2 large strawberries with cranberry sauce and 1 small slice of fruit pie.

Dinner: Medium sized bowl of spaghetti and meat balls, large bowl of broccoli and 1 medium sized apple.

Day 13

Apart from dieting, you must also exercise to gain or develop body mass. Choose the right type of exercise to gain weight.

Goal: Focus on protein diet as it builds more muscle mass.

Strategy: Squats, bar dips, bench press, pull ups are some of the exercises to build muscle.

Breakfast: 1 large sized vegetable omlette with a tall glass of whole milk

Morning snack: Large bowl of celery with peanut butter, medium cup of oatmeal with a glass of whole milk.

Lunch: Medium sized bowl of creamed vegetable soup, small bowl of collards, 2 slices of turkey and gravy.

Evening snack: 1 small sized cooked sweet corn, small bowl of green beans and 2 slices of large water melon.

Dinner: Medium bowl of creamed chicken soup, small bowl of mashed potatoes and apricots.Day 14

Keep yourself hydrated with sufficient water and other calorie dense drinks throughout the day.

Goal: Ensure that your diet plan has 60% of solid foods and 40% of liquids to keep up the health and energy levels.

Strategy: Drink calorie drinks between the meals. You will end up feeling full when you have drinks with the meals.

Breakfast: 4-5 small corn tortillas and 1 slice of whole bread with a small cube of feta cheese.

Morning snack: Tall glass of fresh fruit smoothie and small cup of avocados.

Lunch: 1 large chicken burger, small bowl of vegetable creamy soup and a large bowl of green salad.

Evening snack: 5-6 water chestnuts, 1 slice of fruit flavored pie, small glass of chocolate milk shake.

Dinner: Medium bowl of wild rice with fish fillet, small bowl of baked beans and small cup of apricots.Day 15

A balanced diet includes equal spread of calories over five to six meals. This helps in regulating the body metabolism.

Goal: Ensure that the plan includes proteins that are low in saturated fat and healthy carbohydrates.

Strategy: Nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter, low fat milk, legumes are some sources that are low in saturated fat.

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread toast with peanut butter, a medium glass of low fat milk and a bowl of strawberries.

Morning snack: Small cup of fresh fruit yogurt, small cup of almonds and a granola bar.

Lunch: Medium sized bowl of pasta with creamy sauce, a piece of chicken, large bowl of green salad and 2-3 apricots.

Evening snack: Medium sized glass of fruit smoothie, 4-5 wheat-bran crackers and 1/2 cup of walnuts.

Dinner: Small cup of cheese in casseroles, small cup of cooked cauliflower and 1 scrambled egg.

Day 16

Stress in your daily routine can discourage you from following the diet plan. Keep yourself energized with the right balance of food and exercise.

Goal: Keep away from stress and tune into your body and mind to achieve your weight goal.

Strategy: Meditation, relaxing music, light books, aromatherapy are a few sources that can help you deal with stress.

Breakfast: 2 slices of cheese sandwich, small bowl of mixed fruits and a glass of low fat milk.

Morning snack: 4-5 crisp bread crackers and 2 slices of whole wheat bread toast.

Lunch: 2 slices of oatmeal bread with 2-3 pieces of chicken giblets, small cup of clear vegetable soup and glass of orange juice.

Evening snack: A small cup of baked sweet potato and a glass of fresh fruit smoothie.

Dinner: Medium sized bowl of cheese macaroni, large bowl of green salad and a medium sized apple.

Day 17

Bland flavored and dull colored food can put you off from eating. Keep it interesting with various appetizing techniques.

Goal: Garnishing, dressing and seasoning are some of the ways to make your food more appealing.

Strategy: Add lots of colors and herbal flavors to stimulate your senses.

Breakfast: Medium sized bowl of cereal with nuts, medium sized glass of whole milk and 1 scrambled egg.

Morning snack: Small cup of mixed dried fruits and large glass of strawberry milkshake.

Lunch: Medium bowl of rice with piece of lamb, small bowl of creamy vegetable soup and 2 slices of mangoes.

Evening snack: Small glass of fruit juice, small bowl of puffed rice and a piece of brownie.

Dinner: 2 pieces of garlic bread with chicken broth, large bowl of green salad and small cup of fruit yogurt.

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