Skin treatment options for major beauty concerns

Treatment options for major beauty concerns

Beauty related problems mostly start with age. Most, if not all, beauty concerns are born out of aging. Aging causes variety of skin problems e.g your complexion becomes dull, the skin feels loose, you get the undereye circles, wrinkles etc. Solutions too are there alongside problems. But you’re the one who needs to choose which one to go with. From creams to makeup products to lasers and surgical methods – solutions are many, but you need to know which one to go for and when. Take a look at our list of the most major beauty concerns and their different treatments:

1. Crow’s Feet and Forehead Lines

Treatment option 1: Makeup and creams

A retinoid cream is used to help the skin build collagen and soften the lines around eyes and on the forehead. Prescription medications like Retin-A, Renova are effective and produce visible improvement in 8-12 weeks.

Cost: 20-gram tube of Retin-A – $46; Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair – $21.

Treatment option 2: Injections and lasers

Botox injections produce visible results within a 7 days and the effects last atleast 90 days. If the lines are deep, you may also be injected with ahyaluronic acid filler – Restylane, in the lines to smooth out the harshness.

Cost: Botox – $400; Restylane – $600.

Treatment option 3: Cosmetic Surgery

For crow’s feet

Fractional ablative laser treatment can smooth out deep eye lines dramatically. The non-ablative laser treatment requires three to five treatments (at 30-60-day intervals) and is not quite effective.

Cost: Fractional ablative laser – $1,500; Fractional non-ablative laser – $1,000(per sitting).

For forehead lines

Browlift surgery is the most effective for re-positioning a drooping brow. It requires local anesthesia. Takes about five days to clear out and bruising and swelling may occur.

Cost: $3,000 for.

2. Droopy Lids, Undereye circles, Hollows under the eyes

Treatment option 1: Makeup and creams

Droopy Lids can be fixed by making slightly arched brows, they make lids look lifted. Tweeze the hair below your brow, then use a brow powder about two shades lighter than your the color of your hair.

Cost: Sally Hansen Slant Tip Tweezer – $7; Nyx Eyebrow Kit – $14.

Undereye circles can be covered a creamy concealer. The concealer should be one shade lighter than your skin.

Cost: Mally Beauty Concealer – $35.

Treatment option 2: Injections and Lasers

Hollows under the eyes are treated with a hyaluronic acid filler. The filler has to be of very soft consistency (Juvéderm Ultra). They are injected in the tear glands to puff up the sunken areas around the eyes. Results are visible immediately, and the effect lasts up to 12 months.

Cost: $600.

Treatment option 3: Cosmetic surgery

Droopy lids and hollows under the eyes can be fixed with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). This surgery is made to remove excess saggy skin from around your eyes(both under eyes and above). In some cases the undereye fat pads are repositioned to puff up hollows in your tear troughs. Or, fat is taken from the patient’s thighs or buttocks and injected under the eyes.

Cost: Blepharoplasty – $3,000 ; Fat transfer – $1,500.

3. Loose slackening jawline, sagging cheeks

Treatment option 1: Makeup and creams

Sagging jawlines cannot be fixed with creams or medications. But there are some alternate makeup solutions to conceal it or make it less prominent. A weird and surprising solution for example is a new haircut! A chin-length haircut, slightly shorter around the face and a little longer in the back. A few shorter layers at your forehead or temple provides a lift to your entire face.

Cost: Salon/parlor charges apply for the haircut.

Treatment option 2: Injections and laser

Slackening Jawline can be treated with filler injections. Fillers add definition to a slackening jawline. Calcium-based Radiesse and Juvéderm UltraPlus and Perlane are also effective. Effects last as long as 5-7 months.

Cost: Radiesse – $700; Juvéderm or Perlane – $600.

Moderate sagging can be improved with two types of noninvasive tightening procedures. Thermage requires only one treatment or sitting while Titan requires three. Effects last upto 2 years, they are most noticeable around six months, and gradually wear out.

Cost: $1,000 to $2,000 per session.

Treatment option 3: Cosmetic surgery

Sagging cheeks, deep lines and loose jawlines require a facelift to smoothen. This surgery also adds fullness to the cheeks. The procedure is performed by repositioning the sagging fat pads and tightening tissue underlying the fat pads. The surgery also puffs up the under eyes to remove hollowness from under the eye contour. To tighten the jawline, the surgeon repositions underlying tissue and removes excess loose skin from the jaw area.
Cost: $7,000.

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