Skin rashes in children: Common causes

Skin rashes

Children are sensitive beings, physically as well as to the core of their souls. As parents you have to be cautious in selecting things for them whether it is their schooling or clothes and even your words. Today, there are unlimited products that cater to your kids’ needs but some of them lead to skin rashes and irritations, if not chosen carefully. Hence, it is important that you should be well aware of the cause of the sudden skin eruptions or rashes. Here are few causes discussed to guide you in selecting products that can minimize the risk of the troubles related to the tender skin of your child.

1. Sunscreen and Skin Irritation

It is always a good idea to apply sunscreen before venturing out in the sun. The same applies for your little angel as well. However, sometimes the lotion itself becomes the cause of skin irritation in kids. It is important to look for the formulation in them. Para-aminobenzoic acid or PABA, in the sunscreen might be the culprit. A sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is recommended for children more than 6 months old. And infants below 6 months should use creams advised by the doctor.

2. Antibacterial Soap Safety

With changing times, there are many products recommended strongly by TV commercials. One such product is antibacterial liquid soap. For many children, it becomes the cause of irritation. Triclosan is the ingredient that works against them. This chemical is being scrutinized by FDA for its unreasonable effect on the growth and development. In order to go safe, the regular soap at your disposal works equally great.

3. Eczema Issues with Lotion

Eczema is extremely trying for young kids and for their parents too. Sometimes you are left with lotions that you think will ease itching in your children. Ironically, these very creams or lotions accentuate the problem. The fragrance in them can irritate the tender skin. And to add to your worries, ingredients such as parabens and phthalates might trigger hormonal problems. For a better result, always use mild soap and never rub the skin after bathing. It’s better only to pat dry.

4. Baby Wipes or Washcloths?

It is quite interesting to know, things that come handy to us is sometimes the root of the problem, for example baby wipes. Some baby wipes contain alcohol and fragrances that lead to skin rashes in babies. It is advisable to carry wet cloths in sealable bags instead of wipes. The alcohol in wipes might be the allergen disturbing your kid.

5. Laundry Detergent and Rashes

It is surprising to know that detergents that clean your clothes and that of your baby, can also be one of the reasons of rashes. The chemical often used in these detergents may generate irritant contact dermatitis. This happens when a skin is sensitive to touching an allergen that irritates skin. Children with eczema should be more careful. Their clothes should be washed in milder detergent especially available for it and rinsed twice to make sure there isn’t any residue left.

6. Shampoo and Conditioner Sensitivity

The scalp of your child is an area where you have to be equally vigilant. The milder the shampoo the better it is. Strong fragrance and chemicals such as, phthalates, 1, 4 dioxane and formaldehyde are few ingredients in shampoos that are found to create hassle later. Natural products with milder fragrance work better for your baby.

7. Fabric Softener Alternatives

As a parent, you care utmost for your child. Every detail is taken care of and the tenderness of your child is given the best option available in the market. Liquid fabric softener is one such deal that you make to avoid your child facing any abrasion because of the hard exterior of the cloth sometimes. However, many a times the products come with chemicals and fragrances like benzyl acetate and limonene that can trigger skin irritation. As an alternative, ½ cup of baking soda or vinegar might do the trick and keep your fabric soft.

8. Household Cleaners and Health

Natural cleaner is the option you should avail to instead of using harsh chemical to keep your house, clothes and toilets free of germs. Baking soda, lime, vinegar are alternatives that you can resort to for causing rashes. And if you are tempted to buy disinfectants from the market, do look for the label stating ‘nontoxic’. Chemical, such as, alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs) can cause hormonal problem in your child. Ammonia can lead to breathing problem and skin irritation.

9. Preservatives in Soap

Sometimes, baby products, such as, baby soaps contains strong fragrance and chemical like formaldehyde. This is a preservative that can lead to irritation in the eyes, skin and even lungs. Be very careful in using these products if your baby is suffering from asthma or eczema. Rule out the use of products with fragrance and chemicals.

10. Bug Spray plus Sunscreen

It is vital to have information regarding the products used for the kids. Sometimes insect repellent is available in combination with sunscreen. Research has shown that the repellents should not have more than 30% DEET. It might cause major skin irritation as the skin absorbs these chemicals more if a sunscreen is applied. And for infants, less than 2 months old, this product should not be used at all.

11. Pesticides Tracked Indoors

With your baby crawling everywhere you have to be extremely cautious. He is learning to pick everything and trying to taste, even the floor and the carpet laid in your rooms. Pesticides and other toxic material can easily find way to his tummy and skin. This can lead to skin rashes and other complexities. You should always keep your abode, clean but with products that will not harm your baby if comes in contact.

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