Right Body Language Could Improve Your Work Productivity


Body language plays a major role in shaping your personality. It influences others’ opinions and judgements about you. The right body language, coupled with the required smartness and educational qualifications, can go a long way in deciding your worth as a professional.

Given below are a number of ways by which you can ensure that you are giving out a good vibe to the ones around you. These ways will also tell you how the conscious efforts at enhancing your body language play a very important role in getting your work productivity on track. Each of these outcomes is worth the effort you put into enriching your body language, to say the least.

Wear a smile:


The best way to give out a friendly and approachable vibe is to complete your physical appearance with a genuine smile on your face. This is extremely important if you are into networking. A smile goes a long way in making people comfortable around you, and as a result, they will end up working with you. However, remember to flash your smile only when you meet people, and not keep it on all the time.

Keep your back and shoulders erect:

This technique is also called a power-pose since it immediately imparts a sense of power and exudes an aura of confidence in your style. This influences your mind into believing that it is indeed capable of controlling the outcomes by just adopting the power-pose. A happy and focused mind is bound to perform well at work and at home. You will start feeling better about yourself in general, which will lead to more such instances of an increased work productivity.

Have an open appearance:


A friendly smile on your face, soft eye contact, and a firm handshake are all attributes of an open appearance. Being open to opportunities is equivalent to inviting them to your doorstep. You will definitely go a long way by adopting these simple techniques. Your mind responds to how your body behaves. Therefore, an open body language will result in an open mind, leading to the upping of your professional game.

Make eye contact:

Hold a steady eye contact while conversing. However, make sure to keep looking away every now and then unless you want it to get uncomfortable and awkward. Too much staring may result in you coming across as creepy. Maintain eye contact only as long as is necessary.

Expose your palms:


There is something about exposing your palms and the insides of your wrists while talking and meeting a new person. It makes you stand out as a trustworthy individual. It also comes off as a vulnerable pose, which makes people trust you and buy you easily. Make it a habit and you will see respective results in your work performance as well.

Staying physically focused:

Fidgeting with your fingers or pen, leaning against a wall, or being busy on your cell phone gives out a bad impression to someone trying to make conversation with you. Be consciously aware of your actions in your workplace. Doing so will keep you better focused at work, thereby increasing your productivity. It will also increase your chances of being noticed by your employers. For all you know, a hike might be already on your way! 

Winding up:

The above-mentioned advantages work almost 100% of the time. Bettering your body language does not play a direct role in improving your productivity, but it does have an immediate impact on your other aspects, which eventually leads to an increase in your work productivity. Make it a point to implement these self-help techniques so that you can witness your work life and personal life changing for the better.

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